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Legal Insurrection readers’ Chick-fil-A photos

Legal Insurrection readers’ Chick-fil-A photos

We’ve been compiling Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day photos here and on our google map (click to see the map here).

Tim, Knoxville, TN

Tom, Grand Junction, CO

L, Tulsa, OK

Anonymous, Peabody, MA

Allison, Ocala, FL


Celia, San Antonio, TX

Nick, Hilton Head, SC

Kim, Racine, WI

Mori, Oceanside, CA

Barbara, Olmsted, OH

Calvin, Spring, TX

Ray, Merritt Island, FL

Bryan, Idaho Falls, ID

Emilio, Manassas, VA

Jusuchin, Manassas, VA

Glenn, Greenville, SC

Aric, St. Louis, MO

Julia, Madison, MS

Michael, Asheville, NC

Katie, Austin, TX

Chris, Louisville, KY

Greg, Phoenix, AZ

Tom, New Orleans, LA

Chris, Frederick, MD

Don, Surprize, AZ

Roy, Redlands, CA

Pepper, West Valley City, UT

Maureen, St. Simon’s Island, GA

Ray, Gaithersburg, MD

Greg, Westfield, IN

John, Hendersonville, NC

Tim, Knoxville, TN

Ric, Sterling Park, VA

WJJ, Westminster, MD

Jim, Oxnard, CA

Jim, Cedar Rapids, IA

Peter, Richmond, VA

The Duchess of Kitty, Tomball, TX, drive-through

S, Charlotte, NC

Tabitha, Los Angeles, CA

Angie, Wake Forest, NC

Scott, Owasso, OK

Bill, Brentwood, TN

Lee, Monroe, NC

GM, Valencia, CA

Laurie, Parkville, MD


Bill, Franklin, TN

A, Falls Church, VA

Lee, Newport Beach, CA

Bronwyn, Tustin, CA

Phil, Loganville, GA

Cherry, Rome, GA

D, Roseville, CA

John, Schaumburg, IL, (video)

Meg and David, Jacksonville, FL

Jim, Concordville, PA

Russ, Fresno, CA

The Tamminator, University of Minnesota

Jennifer, Gilbert, AZ

Bradenton, FL

From Mama AJ, Bossier City, LA:

Michael’s wife, Katy, TX

John, Virginia Beach, VA: the line of cars waiting to get into the CFA lot.

Jeanne, Fort Worth, TX

Greg, Pasadena, TX

Ulises, Hunt Valley, MD

Brian, Ontario, CA


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Just gotta love Americans

I just posted about it. I’ve got a bunch of pics in my story.
I’ll send you more in an email.

… and a gay time was had by all

Show Tiny Dancer that Chick Fil-A has Chicago values by going there early and often, just like their voters!

We waited almost 2 hours in line in Costa Mesa, CA. A truly unique experience – everyone was happy to wait. They knew why they were there!!

    Observer in reply to scfanjl. | August 1, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    Just returned from a Chick-Fil-A in Tucson, AZ. About 60 cars in the drive-thru line, and the line for the inside counter looped through the back of the restaurant and out the door. People had to wait about half an hour outside (in the sun, it’s over 100 degrees here) before they could even get in the door. Took me about an hour and 45 minutes to get to the counter. People waiting were all very friendly and courteous, and we chatted with one another about a variety of topics. There were all sorts of people, and all ages. There were whites, hispanics (speaking Spanish), Natives, Asians, etc. I joked with a black guy in line behind me that I was going to take his picture, but that libs would probably say I had photo-shopped him into it. I will send in my pictures, just as soon as I figure out how to get them transferred from my phone to my computer (never had used the camera phone before).

Lord Christ Almighty …..its freaken everywhere …..Chick – Fil -A just may turn the economy around by itself ….guys I have been to a dozen web sites and its all the same thing ….you will literally starve to death waiting to get chicken today ….and the folks ain’t leaving ….. they are speaking with $$$$$$$$$$

The closest Chick-fil-a is several hours away in Abilene(where there are three). Entrepreneurs take note: a Chick-fil-a franchise costs only $5,000 with full support from corporate. See
Thank you, professor, for a business venture idea!

Oh, come on…

You TEA Party people are renowned for your trick photography, making a few dozen old, fat, angry people look like a crowd.

And EVERYBODY knows you “creatively” inflate your numbers, when you are a tiny, crazy, violent, raaaaacist mob of a few.

This NEVER happened. No, siree. These pictures were all taken in Alabama or someplace in the South.

Besides, the TEA Party is dead, dead, dead. Middle America rejects your values…which are crazy, violent, raaaaacist and fat. And old.

And, and…Sarah Palin…

(Do I really need a “sarc” tag)

yellow rose of texas | August 1, 2012 at 6:37 pm

Awesome day in America!

I tried to eat at the one near my house but I couldn’t even get in the parking lot. Then again I do live outside of Atlanta so we’re all homophobic, racist, hate-filled hillbilly hicks.

There are only three out here that I know of and they are too far. One is in Hollywood, another in South Central and the other in Walnut. I could be in South Central in 20 minutes but…. And I never go to Hollywood. Walnut is just too far.

If we are are not careful, Obama will sign an executive order putting chicken on the Endangered Species list.

I am shamelessly stealing this from a Hot Air fan, but it is too good not to share: Americaaaaaaa’s Chikinnnnns Coming Home to Roooooost!!!!!


Have to share this picture (don’t know where it was taken, or who put the meme on it):

    Ain’t that the truth! The lib-dems must be ready to crack. I wonder what is their anti-anxiety medication of choice? I’d buy a few shares of stock …

    I’d love to see the Cherokees protesting outside the convention while Lieawatha speaks …. eating Chick Fil-A. That’s what I’d call a two-fer.

Just sent an E – Mail to Chick Fil A suggesting they give every single employee a bonus cause it seems to me they had one hell’ve of a long day

    Aggie95 in reply to Aggie95. | August 1, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    oh and you know there are going to be a few slop over days from folks who could not or did not want to wait ….LOL

Forget the food. I’m buying stock in the company. That’s the real payoff.

southcentralpa | August 1, 2012 at 7:36 pm

Couldn’t really get a clean shot, but there was NOTHING moving within a block of the Hagerstown, MD branch at lunchtime. It would not surprise me a bit to learn that they ran out of food later in the day.

Gay “marriage” is on the ballot in Maryland this November. Maybe it’ll win, maybe it won’t, but it won’t win in Central MD, I guar-on-tee….

My husband and I dined at the Laguna Niguel, California (South Orange County) location. We arrived at 1:15 and the drive-thru was jammed, the parking lot full and the over flow traffic was parking in the adjacent Ralph’s grocery store parking lot. The line was out the door and along the sidewalk. The line moved fairly steady but the line never shortened. People just kept coming and getting in line. Every age group was represented and we chatted with some very nice 20 something kids. FREEDOM Of SPEECH was what concerned many people. Others,it was the Gay Marriage issue. There was one man demonstrating by walking back and forth in front of the building with duct tape across his mouth.

Chick-fil-A had a little surprise for all of us. Wait for it…..Chick-fil-A was running out of food!!! The manager announced they were closing the registers for 15 minutes so they could get a handle on what they could serve. NO ONE left. We just waited and adjusted our orders to fit what they could serve us. All ice cream products and desserts were sold out. Only a few items were available but no one seemed concerned. The employees were bending over backwards to thank everyone for supporting the company.

We ate some yummy chicken sandwiches and left about 2:40 and the line was even longer. My husband took a picture but for some reason his phone ate it. It warmed our hearts that so many people were committed to show their support for this company and the liberties of a free people.

The picture of Kimberly Small in Chicago just proves that Republican chicks are so much prettier than Democraps who always remind one of Bella Abzug, or make that Abz-ugh !!

huskers-for-palin | August 1, 2012 at 8:43 pm

Chick-Fil-A in Omaha, Nebraska (video)

huskers-for-palin | August 1, 2012 at 9:02 pm

If they can wait two hours in the hot sun for a chicken sandwich, you think they’re gonna vote this November? DAMN RIGHT THEY WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

[…] This from a commenter at Legal Insurrection – it was too good not to share!  We’re just practicing for […]

Just got back from the branch in Manassas, VA.

Drive-thru line wrapped around the building and there was a traffic jam of people that had just gotten their food trying to get through the line of those still waiting. I witnessed patience, courtesy and common sense.

I parked in the lot of the restaurant next door and walked in. The lobby was packed and every table was occupied. There were many families there. I was shocked that there was no wait to order. Everyone was friendly and cheerful.

They had an employee going around handing out free ice cream cones.

Not that it matters a whit, but only to counter a Leftist LIE: the racial diversity mirrored what I typically experience as a resident of this community.

I eat a lot of fast food, but have rarely gone to Chik-fil-A. That’s about to change – especially since a few of their competitors locally can’t seem to hire anyone that speaks English.

[…] “Legal Insurrection readers’ Chick-fil-A photos“ […]

I’m in Colorado Springs. The Chick-fil-a, around the block from where I work,has been bustling all day. They are waiting on both sides of a very busy street to make it through the drive-thru. They are parked at neighboring businesses and adjacent streets. Unfortunately I did not get a photo.
My leftie boss said the churches must have coordinated or something. I told him Nope, this is a Grassroots movement of the silent majority who are tired of seeing the constitution and constitutional rights stomped on by left. If we can get this type of turnout on November, we are going to send the Obozo back to Chicago.

This says it all Professor here’s something you can follow up on

How Bad Was The Chick – Fil – A Boycott Fail …..This Bad

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I was at the Redlands, CA Chick-fil-A on Monday, and it was very busy. There was a waiting line, but nothing like it is in Roy’s picture. Wish I’d been there then…


I have photos and video of my local Chick-fil-A here in the City of San Diego — which isn’t represented on the map yet.

At *2:30 in the afternoon* it was packed with people snaking throughout the interior of the restaurant to outside and cars snaking throughout the parking lot to the street and it remained so until I left almost 2 hours later (wow — what a great time I had with those folks!).

How can I get my location and pics added to that map?


VetHusbandFather | August 2, 2012 at 12:36 am

Anyone else in the Pacific NW feel left out? The nearest Chick-fil-A to me is 400 miles. We used to go like once a week when we lived in Colorado though.

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huskers-for-palin | August 2, 2012 at 6:08 pm

UPDATE: Omaha, NE CFA Express

Thursday, August 2nd

“Due to greater-than-expected sales Wednesday, we can only offer a limited menu today. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and plan to have full menu tomorrow”


I am for gay marriage, and further more I don’t care if they marry a dog as long as they are consenting adults and can say I do… Freedom of Speech. I am able to say I am for and our country has come a long way. What if you were not able to say you support… gay marriages which was not so long ago without being targeted. The same goes for those you don’t believe it in. WE ALL HAVE THE SAME RIGHT TO VOICE OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH RIGHTS… without being terrorized. Where do some get the right to go after others that do not feel the same way you do. I will get bashed for believing in it and those will get bashed for not. I am getting really confused where some feel they can push their beliefs on other. Including the President Obama who opposed Gay marriage until it was not politically correct for a vote. Why, because those that do not believe in gay marriage will still vote for Obama, those who believe would not so the change of view by Obama, their blinders that can not get past their bullying behavior to push their rights on others. Via Chick-fil-A Protests. It doesn’t go both ways. We all have the right to believe in what we believe in. Double standard in this country lately. I thought I lived in America Freedom Of Speech. Well off of my soap box, good thing I don’t have a restaurant chain where all those could protest my right to Freedom Of Speech and my beliefs that does not interfere with anyone else. Double standards do not make good since nor does it fight for your rights, it just makes you look ignorant on both sides of this subject~

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