“You’re not paranoid, people really are out to get you.”

That could be Elizabeth Warren’s campaign slogan.

At every stage Warren sings the tune that someone out there is out to get the middle class.

The middle class is getting “hammered,” according to Warren in a line repeated with a cadence worthy of the Rain Man.

The factory owners are out to cheat the rest of us by using the roads we paid for, the workers we educated, and the police and fire protection we provided.

The latest Warren op-ed continues the paranoia by doubling down on the factory owner speech, Stop rigging system against small business:

I meant what I said.

I stood before a group of voters in Massachusetts last year and talked about  what it would take to move forward as a nation. I laid out how we all needed to  invest in our country, to build a strong foundation for our families today and  make sure the next kid with the great idea has the chance to succeed.

But too often that kid can’t succeed because the system is rigged against him….

In Warren’s world, of course, all the rigging comes from lobbyists and big corporations, not from policies like those she advocates of higher taxation and obsessive regulation on businesses and individuals who create jobs and employ people and pay a disproportionate share of the taxes which build roads, educate students, and pay for police and fire salaries and pensions.

Elizabeth Warren is so out of touch she has no clue that government paperwork, taxes, and fees are what hammer small businesses day in and day out and make it hard for the middle class to find jobs.

I don’t know if Elizabeth Warren is paranoid, but her politics sure are.


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