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Elizabeth Warren’s politics of paranoia

Elizabeth Warren’s politics of paranoia

“You’re not paranoid, people really are out to get you.”

That could be Elizabeth Warren’s campaign slogan.

At every stage Warren sings the tune that someone out there is out to get the middle class.

The middle class is getting “hammered,” according to Warren in a line repeated with a cadence worthy of the Rain Man.

The factory owners are out to cheat the rest of us by using the roads we paid for, the workers we educated, and the police and fire protection we provided.

The latest Warren op-ed continues the paranoia by doubling down on the factory owner speech, Stop rigging system against small business:

I meant what I said.

I stood before a group of voters in Massachusetts last year and talked about  what it would take to move forward as a nation. I laid out how we all needed to  invest in our country, to build a strong foundation for our families today and  make sure the next kid with the great idea has the chance to succeed.

But too often that kid can’t succeed because the system is rigged against him….

In Warren’s world, of course, all the rigging comes from lobbyists and big corporations, not from policies like those she advocates of higher taxation and obsessive regulation on businesses and individuals who create jobs and employ people and pay a disproportionate share of the taxes which build roads, educate students, and pay for police and fire salaries and pensions.

Elizabeth Warren is so out of touch she has no clue that government paperwork, taxes, and fees are what hammer small businesses day in and day out and make it hard for the middle class to find jobs.

I don’t know if Elizabeth Warren is paranoid, but her politics sure are.


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Juba Doobai! | August 7, 2012 at 9:49 am

She’s also paranoid about being Cherokee.

The Collective has a cleaver little ploy the use a good bit.

They take control of language.

For instance, “business” is often used as an invective. But that muddles the debate to the extent it becomes unintelligent. Conservatives are not “pro-business” and the Collective “anti-business”.

Conservatives are pro-MARKET. As we have seen under Obama…but also Nixon…Collectivists are pro-FASCIST.

Look up the term “fascist economics”. You will learn some things that you really should know.

And Warren is a liar. Her buddy, Barrackah, has overseen the largest expansion of fascist economics in American history. Warren is no more pro-market than Mussolini.

Judging from the differences I see between my own boys (private school, small classes) and their classmates (public high school with a very high rating), the system IS rigged against then.

Our public schools are run on a zero tolerance, zero judgment policy. When budgets get tight, the school system preserves the jobs of teachers with a longer work history and poorer performance at the expense of talented, less-experienced teachers. The schools engage in indoctrination, and the children catch them at it. The end result is a well-earned disrespect for authority, because the authority the school has is not well-applied.

Then we have people telling them that they NEED a college education regardless of their family circumstances, desires, or talents, and that they NEED a safety net when what they really need is encouragement and counsel on how to solve their own problems.

Our schools are busy teaching our students disrespect for authority and learned helplessness. These aren’t the lessons our children need.

    Valerie in reply to Valerie. | August 7, 2012 at 10:09 am

    I forgot to mention that I currently live in California, and the legislature gives the local school districts discretion over very little except the number of employees. That means the legislatures determines what programs there will be, and how the local budget will be handled, through mandates that the local superintendents and principals cannot touch. THEN the legislature builds a budget that depends upon an increased revenue stream, and if the stream does not materialize, it does not re-examine the 60% of the school budget under its control, but demands large cuts out of the locally-controlled budget, which cannot translate into anything but teacher slots.

    It’s a budget crisis every year, complete with pink slips for the teachers. Every. Damn. Year.

      9thDistrictNeighbor in reply to Valerie. | August 7, 2012 at 11:09 am

      Years ago, I taught at a high school in New Jersey. I sat in on another teacher’s opening day spiel where, as she detailed the school rules and policies, she stated “You are entitled to X absences each semester.” I was astounded. The kids were told how many times they needed to show up, and they were very good at keeping track of exactly how many absences they had (unless they were chronically truant–I had one kid who never showed up, but never withdrew either). Entitlement mentality clear as a bell, laid out on a platter.

      Also, every non-tenured teacher was pink slipped: RIF-ed as we said. RIF-ed teachers had parties and joked about it. Then they went on unemployment for the summer. It was a complete joke.

This is the kind of populist claptrap that those without a political record can run on. This is essentially what Obama ran on in 2008. And not without reason is this done: voters seem to lick this stuff up with a spoon!

TrooperJohnSmith | August 7, 2012 at 10:12 am

“…the system is rigged against him…”

Warren obviously has never spoken with anyone who has immigrated here, many with little more than the clothes on their backs. Moreover, she even needs to look at herself, and from whence she came.

She’s certainly delusional, because somewhere Warren has fallen into the elitist trap that compels her to say, “You little people needs folks like me to make you a success.” It’s an exclusive club, where one important entrance requirement is forgetting that you or anyone else ever had to be independent and work at anything.

Yes, Liawatch is a fraud and climbed the ladder made of the bones of imagined dead ancestors to become a ‘woman of color’ and a ‘Native American Law Professor’ (sounds like a new NBC prime-time drama).

However, at some point in her life, she had to make a conscious effort to be better than mom and dad and put forth some type of ambitious effort and work, however duplicitous it may be (see also, Clinton, Hillary Rodham). So, the real fraud of Elizabeth Warren may be the fraud of self-delusion, of abandonment of all individual will, in favor of the disingenuous collectivist meme. And it’s all in the name of lifting herself to the Senate, where she can have more power over people.

Like paranoia, the addiction of power addiction is a terrible sickness.

So, people who have never run a business know more about what it takes to run a business?

If Warren could bottle the essence of her paranoia she could start a business and sell it as perfume – eau d’BS.

“Elizabeth Warren is so out of touch she has no clue that government paperwork, taxes, and fees are what hammer small businesses day in and day out and make it hard for the middle class to find jobs.”

Paperwork, taxes, and fees–that’s just for starters at work. Then she moves on to the rest of your life. Salt. Soda size. Lunch for your kids. Food. And on, and on, and on. She could be the poster (girl, woman, person, native American) for Democrats. But then, there are so many to choose from.

yeah, taxing businessowners into oblivion is what is necessary for the government to step in and “rescue” the failing business. watch the other hand, folks.

“If a business takes its profits to the Cayman Islands, ships its jobs overseas or finds a loophole to avoid paying its fair share of taxes, then that business now has a leg up over every small business and start up that can’t take advantage of those loopholes.”

That is one sentence. It contains several explicit and implicit lies.

How does a “business” take its profits to the Cayman Islands?

Both small and large businesses rationally seek to produce their goods or services at least cost. Sometimes that MANDATES they use OFF-SHORING, equally available to all businesses regardless of size.

No business really pays taxes. Not their “fair share”…not anything. They only collect taxes hidden in their price structure. Consumers ultimately pay all taxes. ALLLLLLL taxes, in the form of higher prices for all that we consume. ALLLLL taxes, including Social Security.

    Midwest Rhino in reply to Ragspierre. | August 7, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Well, corporations do pay taxes, even if the cost is passed on to their consumer. But Warren should recognize that US corp’s pay more than in other countries, so she should look at the tax code, not at the corporation.

    The corporation is obligated to maximize profits for shareholders, so high corporate tax, excess reg’s, health care mandates … all mean the left is redistributing the wealth overseas by their government policy.

      Ragspierre in reply to Midwest Rhino. | August 7, 2012 at 12:02 pm

      As I said. And the upshot of all this is that American businesses are at an absolute DISADVANTAGE in competitive markets.

      AND American consumers…including the puuuurrrr…pay MORE for goods and services as a direct result of these hidden taxes built into our economy.

      Some corporations pay taxes. GE gets a pass.

She’s counting on the rise of paranoia in the culture, certainly the fervor of it among her supporters. To paraphrase HL Mencken, no one lost any money doing so. But elections? Hard to tell. She’s a demagogue, and her arguments are easier and more emotionally appealing for an audience.

Maybe Brown should dissect her own words, phrase by phrase, pointing out the cognitive disjunction and cluelessness.

Tale of two small companies (founded from scratch, grown to between 40 and 100 employees) … I started one in 1998, and sold it in 2001, and barely incurred any legal fees between startup and sale, any employee problems, etc.

Second in 2009, sold in 2012 (hedging my bets for November) … almost 10 years apart.

Healthcare costs through the roof, 300% more than last time the extra costs in the past couple years means I literally hired 2+ fewer employees, legal fees for the past year over $300,000, every employee is more litigous come layoff time. At the time of layoff, everyone becomes mysteriously disabled or special ailments that might apply to their termination. Employee options 401(k), every benefit you try to provide is so legally complicated now.

Example: you can get hit with tax penalties for failing to withhold income for providing options to employees that they never exercise and that are never worth anything unless you pay an outside accountant $15K to prove that they were granted at FMV.

That is just the smallest sampling.

Conclusion? The temptation to ‘just screw it’ is huge. Better to start at 50 or 100 employees and a lot of capital.

Its the tale of lemonade stand regulation writ large.

I tell you folks, it is getting to be a major pain in the — to create a job.

TrooperJohnSmith | August 7, 2012 at 10:51 am

As far as the little people getting ‘hammered’, Warren doesn’t realize that outside of the Ivy League hothouse, getting hammered is what you do every night as you watch your country die, ridden into the ground like a loyal horse, by people who essentially don’t like horses.

Thank goodness I live in Texas, where Shiner Bock is plentiful and cheap.

    Happened to catch TMZ while flipping the other night and they were mocking Romney’s horse again .. and dressage.

    This is humungous fail with most Americans who appreciate almost all facets of equestrian sports.

Ironically its these liberal progressive who tout government spending in the name of jobs and job creation… are the same ones who are giving away our innovation and technology to foreign nations and advocate illegals plundering the American job market … even giving tax credits and incentives to Chinese corporations operating on US soil.

Cassandra Lite | August 7, 2012 at 11:01 am

If the 1 percent is bound and determined to screw the middle class, how does she explain rising to such heights from such humble (Cherokee) roots?

I can’t think of a corporation in America that isn’t more anti-middle class than Harvard. Off the top of head, only Apple comes to mind as a corporation sitting on more cash that’s not going “to the people.” Wouldn’t Lizzie like to advocate that Harvard eliminate all tuition, which it could easily do with that gigantic endowment fund just sitting there…invested in, uh, corporations?

    Cassandra Lite in reply to Cassandra Lite. | August 7, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I meant, of course, that I can’t think of a corporation in America that IS more anti-middle class.

    And to clarify, I don’t believe Apple’s cash hoarding means anything other than it’s doing what’s best for Apple and its shareholders. But Harvard is doing only and entirely what’s best for Harvard.

    janitor in reply to Cassandra Lite. | August 7, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    Harvard is tuition-free for families earning less than $60,000.

      Cassandra Lite in reply to janitor. | August 7, 2012 at 3:42 pm

      That would be impressive if it were geographically adjusted. In California, where the public-school system badly needs Noah and his ark, $60K is less than a third of what a family of four needs to eat with a roof over their heads while paying private schools that might–might–offer a good enough education to meet Harvard’s standard admissions criteria.

9thDistrictNeighbor | August 7, 2012 at 11:04 am

We were visiting in Berkshire County, MA, last week and her message doesn’t seem to be going over very well. If she does have widespread support at this point it is underground. Lower Berkshire County (Great Barrington, Stockbridge, Lenox, etc.) wears their “progressive” mantle proudly, yet there was nothing…we saw one sign (Pittsfield) and two bumper stickers (Stockbridge). That’s it. This in an area where every Subaru is coated with stickers and few yards sport American flags. There were yard signs, but all for Berkshire Middle District Recorder of Deeds (apparently a hotly contested race).

If her base is demoralized, that’s a good thing.

    casualobserver in reply to 9thDistrictNeighbor. | August 7, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Berkshire and Hampshire Counties in MA vote more strongly Democrat than any other in the state. In the 2008 elections, they were well over 75% for Obama and nearly 70% for the current governor, Patrick. While they may be disillusioned in Great Barrington or Amherst, etc., in my opinion there is no way most will ever “pull a lever” for a Republican.

      9thDistrictNeighbor in reply to casualobserver. | August 7, 2012 at 11:20 am

      They might stay home, too…

        casualobserver in reply to 9thDistrictNeighbor. | August 7, 2012 at 12:27 pm

        True. And that is the reason why nobody, whether professional analysts or just us folks, is even considering states like MA as significant in defeating Obama. Turnout may be low(er), but MA, CT, CA, etc. will definitely put electoral votes in the Obama column. The only upside for MA is that inaction of the disillusioned left may benefit Scott Brown. The large portion of unenrolled voters (independent) typically vote in a more moderately liberal direction. I wonder if Warren will stay as ideologically locked-in over the next few months.

casualobserver | August 7, 2012 at 11:14 am

From watching and listening closely to those who push the current wealth agenda – mostly non-politicians I contact from time to time – many aren’t that convinced of the dire predictions and claims of a dying middle class. However, they appear highly motivated to shift power to the elected class due to the meshing of academia and the Democrat Party. Many progressives are convinced that people like Warren are simply smarter than the average person, and especially smarter than business leaders on average. So, while there is not as much credibility on the “suffering” claims, many are happy with the target or the potential outcome and follow along without any protest.

Midwest Rhino | August 7, 2012 at 11:26 am

I laid out how we all needed to invest in our country, to build a strong foundation for our families today and make sure the next kid with the great idea has the chance to succeed.

Family is first and foremost a Father, Mother and children. The board game “Life” has those little cars traveling through the perils in that little car together.

But the left tells us it takes a village, and Warren tells us a strong foundation for family is built by government.

In building family and community, government should be one of the least powerful bonds. (our leftist school indoctrination system being a whole ‘nuther essay)

After parents and relatives, there may be church. There may be social groups like Boy Scouts and neighborhood playmates. Later there is a first job, and work relationships are developed. Workers in a business develop strong bonds, usually with respect for their boss.

That is especially true in small business where the boss is hands on in accomplishing tasks for payment, as in building a house. In that “work family”, advancements are made through accomplishment and merit, and respect is gained accordingly.

But in SEIU world, and Warren view, pay and advancement is merited for showing up. Ever increasing entitlements were gained by hiring union bosses to coerce, and by threatening shut down of government (monopoly) operations. Payment is taken by force from the taxpayer. “Minority” advancement is legislated, equal pay for unequal work.

The 60’s radicals promoted sex, drugs, and Marxist rock and roll. Those 60’s values helped tear down the traditional family units, but shifted blame to “The Man” (“the system is rigged”).

When public schools failed to educate, and the real family units broke down further in some segments of society, the left looks to redirect blame to the successful. They say government must become the parent for all, and dole out jobs and education using a quota system, making phony promises to the poorer, for votes.

Instead of Big Brother and Warren’s daily dose of hate speak, we need more traditional family units to be stronger, not more crushing regulation prying into every aspect of private life. This (Warren and Obama) election is between a Marxist state regulated “family”, versus free enterprise and diversified local family units.

Freedom is at stake, and the left is lighting the torch. If the system is rigged by the corporate Man, Big Brother is holding his hand. Federalism is being shown the door.

JimMtnViewCaUSA | August 7, 2012 at 11:37 am

She’s a lawyer, right? Can someone clue her in regarding the differences between Title VI and Title VII?
via Instapundit, a post on discriminatory hiring of faculty.
It is NOT legal. Or ethical, but we already knew that.

Are these people pathologically shameless demagogues?

Do they live in some bizarre alternate universe?

Or both?

    They are exactly what they condemn. They are motivated by purely selfish interests to advance their political, economic, and social standing. Whereas in a population this corruption happens in the exception, for the fanatical Left it happens as a rule. The problem resides in their philosophy, which has a predisposition to denigrate individual dignity and devalue human life. That they also have a penchant for normalizing dysfunctional behaviors is just icing on the proverbial cake.

She supports the next kid before she condemns his success.

“…all the rigging comes from lobbyists and big corporations”

But lobbyists and big corporations cannot rig the system on their own — it requires government to rig the system.

And the biggest problem, especially for small or new businesses, is a government that is only too happy to oblige, and will continue to do so until its power to do so is effectively limited.

Rigging the system is probably the primary example where “you didn’t do that yourself” has some truth. (Of course, rigging the system is the Chicago, socialist, WashDC, Democratic Party way!)

    Ragspierre in reply to donb. | August 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    Very true.

    And this is hardly a new revelation. Adam Smith warned of this at the very same time our nation was first conceived.

    1776…such an interesting period in the “arch of history”.

NC Mountain Girl | August 7, 2012 at 1:45 pm

There are a lot of people near me who think the system is rigged by institutions like Harvard and people like Warren. Harvard loves to cater to kids like Obama whose family was firmly in the middle class in terms of education. They snapped up the also strictly middle class Warren when they saw her faux Cherokee credential. How much interest do they show in white kids from rural Appalachian families?

Memo to Professor and Cherokee Nation:
Keep hammering that racist bitch!!
OOPS!! I mean witch.

It is Warren who is “hammering” here. Hammering a pandering meme. Middle class is getting hammered. Middle class is getting hammered. Sound bites. The thinking is that this will be enough to convince voters who only superficially understand governmental policies that Warren is “for the middle class.” The only counter to it can be “Warren’s policies will hurt the middle class”. Democrats are harming the middle class. Harming the middle class. Hammer that home.

Henry Hawkins | August 7, 2012 at 3:36 pm

If I had a hammer, I’d hammer……….

Got my hammer, so let’s hammer it (in the morning, … all over this land).

Fauxcahontas screeched that Brown should release 20 years of his tax returns, one for each year of his public service. It turns out that he has released 6 years while the screecher has only released 4 years.

She really is a moron. Once again HLS ‘s AA program comes up a loser.

bob aka either orr | August 7, 2012 at 9:24 pm

Lizzie Warren took an axe
and gave the truth just 40 whacks
She found that it was so much fun
she gave America 41