Hillary Clinton had already indicated she would not be open to replacing Joe Biden as VP on the Obama ticket prior to yesterday’s lunch, according to a Washington Examiner report out today.

At an earlier lunch with Valerie Jarrett, says source, author Ed Klein, Clinton rejected the idea, for fear of being tied to Obama’s far-left policies and that she didn’t want to go down with the Obama ship, were he to lose:

“As recently as a couple of weeks ago, the White House was putting out feelers to see if Hillary Clinton was interested in replacing Joe Biden on the ticket,” Klein told Secrets. “Bill Clinton, I’m told, was urging his wife to accept the number two spot if it was formally offered. Bill sees the vice presidency as the perfect launching pad for Hillary to run for president in 2016.”

Yesterday, President Obama met with Biden and Clinton at a lunch, which led to speculation about Obama replacing Biden after his series of gaffes.

But don’t rule out a future presidential run from Hillary, says Klein:

Klein has sources deep in the Clinton camp and he said that they said she is eager for a rest followed by a makeover. “She clearly is exhausted. She needs to lose weight and get her energy back for a four-year slog.”

He added that Obama has never talked to Clinton about replacing Biden. The reason, said Klein, is that Obama was afraid she would turn him down and Bill Clinton would leak the snub to the media.