A few days ago, Operation Counterweight member Dan Bongino released a new web ad. Much like his previous ads, this one again channels a positive message centered around the promise of America.

It’s a refreshing change of pace from the mudslinging that generally accompanies the vast majority political campaigns these days.

The entire ad is great but I think this is the best quote:

I believe in the unparalleled greatness of America. We’ve been knocked down before. We’ve been through intense struggles, and exhilirating successes.

I believe in America. I believe those successes are right around the corner. We will get up. We will rise. We can turn around. We will turn around. We will make our country great, yet again.

Bongino has been running a disciplined campaign, and he’s touching on all the right points. Many have doubted his odds at success, and it’s easy to do so given the voting history of the state he is running in.

But keep your eye on this race. I think Bongino’s the one who can pull off this upset. And I think this is the year for him to do it.

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