Elizabeth Warren has the opportunity today to prove she supports transparency and has been telling the truth.

Today the Brown campaign will present Elizabeth Warren with papers to sign that would release documents detailing whether she claimed Native American heritage on her resume. Hillary Chabot reports:

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown’s campaign this afternoon demanded that rival Elizabeth Warren unveil a new law school record to prove she didn’t use her purported Native American heritage to get a job — as a transparency ping-pong match between the candidates continued.

State Rep. Dan Winslow (R-Norfolk) said the campaign will present Warren with forms to sign today that would release a law school faculty appointment registry published by the Association of American Law Schools and show whether Warren listed her alleged American Indian roots as part of her resume.

“She needs to stop stonewalling, release the records, and sign the forms that the Brown campaign will give her today,” said Winslow.

Warren may have painted herself into a transparency corner after demanding that Scott Brown release a list of lobbyists who have visited his DC office; Brown has been calling on Elizabeth Warren to release documents relating to her time chairing a TARP bailout panel.

Disclosures recently revealed that Warren, who had claimed to be fighting for the middle class, raised over 60 percent of her money from out-of-state donors with an emphasis on Hollywood, CA, A-listers in her donor rolls.

Dennis Miller, meanwhile, has put his own two cents into the race:

WAJ adds: I hope the Brown campaign has good oppo research on the new “form,” because I would not expect her resume itself to contain a disclosure of supposed Native American status. From the quoted language the Brown campaign seeks release of a “law school faculty appointment registry published by the Association of American Law Schools.” Since Warren filled out AALS forms as Native American, there is a decent chance such a form would contain the disclosure. But, the Brown campaign also needs to demand release of all records, including the records of the faculty appointment committee and the Dean’s office.