A reader writes (emphasis mine):

Devoted, and unregistered, reader, first time emailer.

It seems the GOP has a “Read my lips” moment here with Obama promising no tax increase. The ad practically writes itself. I guess they’d never throw Bush I under the bus with the juxtaposition, but someone should.

My family of four currently spends $18,000.00 per year on insurance premiums. I am self-employed. Our premiums jumped $2,400.00 this year in anticipation of the costs of ACA. At the same time, my wife’s healthcare savings account at work informed us that her contributions had been capped by the Feds at, I believe, $2,500.00/year. So there’s another grand that ACA has already cost us before any ultimate tax increases that will surely arise to pay for the cost of this experiment in statist socialism.

I can hunt and garden. Am very tempted to drop out altogether. We will survive without the government.

By the way, we are in DC this weekend, where everything is government run. It is a total disaster. Have not seen one government employee or work crew on the streets, which are a total free for all due to no working traffic signals. The shape of things to come.

I got caught on a Supershuttle last night where the whole van excoriated conservatives for their stupid and ignorant opposition to Obamacare, which is going to solve all our problems. I nearly bit through my tongue to avoid being lynched. When I got out, I gave the driver $5 and told him it was a tip from the Tea Party. He was literally dumbstruck. I told him we’d see how great Obamacare looks in November.

Sorry to rant. We all need to speak up politely, but forcefully. He knew exactly what I meant. We also need to steer our dollars away from these sympathizers when we can. Vote with your pocketbook.

I’m also a professional video producer. I got tired of a freelance editor wishing death to Dick Cheney on Facebook, so I quit giving him business. It got his attention. And not because I’m a Cheney fan. Rather, it was the violent, eliminationist rhetoric that I could no longer abide. Why put money in his pocket?

You have a wonderful blog. I send links to it constantly.

Keep it up.



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