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Try to remember the kind of November

Try to remember the kind of November

Try to remember, and if you remember …

how it felt in 2010…


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Keep the faith!

Although the title made me think of that song from the Fantasticks (granted that September).

Let’s throw the bums out!

Remember this all:

Going INTO November 2010 Dick Morris wrote this “Don’t be Under-Confident” editorial when he ….was the only talking-head saying ‘maybe 60’ changed seats.

My [key] key focus is not ‘get what we need’ in the Senate for a simple majority, it is “Get what we need for a solid Filibuster-Proof 2/3 majority, In the Senate, In the house, and in the presidential.

Our situation today is similar to what the country was faced with in 1893. What I’m hoping is that the combined 2010 plus 2012 election will match or exceed the +130 seat House change in the 1894 House Election.,_1894

I Also hope the 2012 Election will match the 1920 election –,_1920 – Where they went from the worst twentieth century Depression to 3% “U6” Unemployment in 18 months.

I’m hoping we don’t duplicate the 1912 Election,_1912

I’d really like November to mark the permanent end of
“The Second Progressive Era”

Doug Wright | July 2, 2012 at 11:08 pm

This election will not be the end of this struggle, but merely one step in this long effort to keep our country or for them to convert our country into their Socialist dream.

However, an Obama win will be one deadly spike nailing down the lid on America’s coffin, yet not the final end of our dream. It took about 100-years to get to this point and it might take a long time to undo, if even possible, all the harm done. We must try and we must not surrender to Obama’s Socialist ideology. Reagan was correct in his view that we can avoid that long period of darkness.

Henry Hawkins | July 2, 2012 at 11:21 pm

Payback Tuesday.

1. The attacks on Obama and the Democrats are effective. That part of the ads is excellent.

2. When they hit the patriotism/crisis theme, my thought was, “Okay, but what’s your plan to repair things?” That consideration will go quadruple in the presidential election.

3. For obvious reasons, Presidents Bush did not appear in either ad. That’s a glaring weakness, but it beats me what to do about it. (All the Democrats have to do is run ads showing Romney with the Bushes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ads are complete and ready to go.)