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Project Veritas undercover video exposes shovel-ready jobs farce

Project Veritas undercover video exposes shovel-ready jobs farce

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released a new video that exposes unions willing to dig holes and fill them in again against the backdrop of the farce that is Obama’s “shovel-ready jobs” agenda. The video, “Legislators, Union Bosses Seek Funding for Digging Holes and Filling Them Back In“:

In one of the undercover interviews featured in the video, a union representative says “between us, a lot of this is bull!@#$” — but there’s so much more:

O’Keefe’s Project Veritas then takes this newly-created non-existent company – a company dedicated to digging and filling holes – and asks for help from local union bosses to help move subsidies for Earth Supply and Renewal through legislatures. After all, they argue, even if we’re just digging ditches and refilling them on the taxpayer dime, at least we’re creating new union workers.

And, unbelievably, the union bosses are only too happy to help. They couldn’t care less about wasting taxpayer dollars. And that’s precisely what they say.

John Hutchings, director of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) New York State Laborers’ Organizing Fund (NYSLOF), explains:

“Right now it’s all about jobs. It’s awful hard for anybody to vote against like a jobs bill right now … ”

He agrees that even if there are sites where this ditch digging and filling has no environmental program, legislators will decided, “it’s a jobs program for the laborers.” And when some of the Earth Supply and Renewal “employees” explain that they literally dig a ditch, then fill it up again, Hutchings says, “It sounds like, it almost is exactly the same as where we were with Green Jobs, Green New York.” Green Jobs, Green New York was a $112 million state plan that was designed to create environmentally-friendly jobs. And it was sponsored, in large part, by unions.

The union representatives compare the shovel-ready programs to Roosevelt’s WPA. Digging holes and filling them in again, that’s just what’s going to get our economy going.


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We see this everywhere all of the time. Here in Pasadena, we got a grant from Porkulus for improving roads. The street I live on was re-paved from those funds. It looked great for about one month. Then the unions came in to do their usual digging and re-filling holes and the street is once again full of mounds and dips and looks like a cemetery. Why is it that the water, electric and gas infrastructure needs so much non-stop digging up of roads?

What exactly are those civil planners planning anyway? How to make the most money for unions?

    Tamminator in reply to Pasadena Phil. | July 18, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    That’s exactly what they are doing. Unions are a criminal organization that get the Dems elected, and in exchange, the Dems give only union contracts.

    The good news is that California cities are collapsing under this racket, and running out of cash. And the clueless people who elected these criminals are finally seeing them for what they are: thieves.

The WPA left actual improvements all over the U.S.

Not that it was a good thing, but people in the U.S. would not have put up with much of this Obamic BS, and part of the purpose of the WPA was to give men (primarily) some pride in not just being on a dole.

Work and accomplishing things used to be American values.

I hope they will be again soon.

    At least the WPA did projects that had value and were well built (although it is very questionable whether FDR’s job programs did more harm than good to economic recovery). What completely frosts me about the current stimulus projects under Obama is many of them were trivial in nature (roadway chip seals were very popular because they were shovel ready but did little to improve infrastructure).

      Ragspierre in reply to EBL. | July 18, 2012 at 2:57 pm

      Americans were still tied closely to the realities of life in those days.

      We have been so successful as a people, that reality has faded.

      A lot of our people have never seen meat that did not come in a nice, clean package, at a super market, for instance.

      jimzinsocal in reply to EBL. | July 19, 2012 at 9:42 am

      Agree and with Rags as well.
      We heve to remind ourselves a clear distintion between FDR’s Works projects and Obama’s fashionable-based iniatives.
      FDR intended only to get folks off welfare and earning a living. Never did he sell these jobs as anything other than “self liquiditaing”. Contrast that with Obama’s populist pitch for “jobs that last” and the rest.

This is so painful to watch … what schmucks

I really like that kid. Bravo!

Is anybody else thinking O’Keefe should enter the witness protection program? Hmmmm, on second thought, scratch that.

LukeHandCool | July 18, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Is James O’Keefe married?

He’d probably make a great son-in-law … in the Andrew Breitbart mold. I have a nice daughter about his age …

You go, young man!

You have more investigative journalist in your fingernail than all the MSM J-school grads have all put together.

Breitbart lives!

James better be careful. Unlike ACORN, these guys are happy to provide him some accommodations “with the fishes”.

Is James O’Keefe sporting a Glenn Reynold’s look on purpose?

Having had a few dealings with labor union delegates myself…I would recommend not pissing them off.

got this one downloaded in case youtube yanks it….

And this is why the democrats demand higher taxes. Graft is hard work!

Haha, imagine if they put all that energy and organization to something productive what they could do. This is a great example of why reducing government spending will increase economic growth, because all these people working so hard for easy money will instead put their minds to economically useful endeavors.

That Ronald Tocci, former New York Assemblyman, is right out of The Sopranos central casting. isn’t that ethnic profiling or something?

All D.C. jobs are shovel ready!

Wow! This is really shocking news!! Whoodah woulda figured???

I thought that the military was the only one to dig holes and then fill ’em in. At least that’s my recollection.

Leave to them thar’ union innovators to use this tried and true methodology to fool us once again.

Well maybe not since the eyes of the higher overseeing authority has its eyes taped shut…

TrooperJohnSmith | July 18, 2012 at 7:09 pm

Corrupt Union Bosses? I’m shocked!

The sad thing is that these three labor maggots live off the literal sweat of people at the very bottom of the economic scale.

The Grand Poobah of the brotherhood of Cheeto Munchers

[…] Project Veritas undercover video exposes shovel-ready jobs farce ( […]

[…] seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did. Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea—God bless. […]

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | July 19, 2012 at 2:06 am

Outstanding undercover video.. It’s like listening in on a mafia union boss conference about the who, what, where, and how of there collusional corruption with liberal politicians, stealing, looting, plundering of the people’s tax payer money..

Of course what else is new with these corrupt people.

The issue and question is, will there ever be someone like a Rudy Guilani as a special prosecutor, to go after these crooks- union basses and their complicit collusional cohort politicians, charge and prosecute them.

This kid is ballsy, imaginative, and relentless. God bless him.