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Mia B. Love on Hannity: “The hope and change we would like to see happen lies in people” not government

Mia B. Love on Hannity: “The hope and change we would like to see happen lies in people” not government

Mia B. Love appeared on the Sean Hannity Show last night.

The topic of the Barack Obama / Elizabeth Warren theory that people owe their success to government came up:

Meanwhile, Love had a good fundraising quarter, tying incumbent Jim Matheson, but lags far behind because Matheson started with so much more in the bank:

She pulled in $355,100 from early April to the end of June, a period before and after she locked up the GOP nomination at the state convention. Matheson, a 12-year Democratic incumbent, took in $361,500 in the same period.

It’s unusual for a challenger to mirror the fundraising of an incumbent and even rarer for one to outperform a sitting lawmaker.

Love predicted Matheson’s financial support will wane in reaction to his vote last week to repeal the Affordable Care Act — even though he voted against a similar repeal effort 18 months ago.

In between those votes, Matheson has backed repealing some pieces of the health-care overhaul.

“He is playing politics of personal preservation, and he no longer puts Utah first,” Love said. “I think we’ll see people start to recognize that.” …

Matheson noted he starts with a significant financial edge. He ended June with $1.28 million at his disposal, while Love had $277,200.

Love’s total would have been much smaller except for support from other Republican candidates:

Love’s total would likely have been far smaller without the support of big name Republicans such as House Speaker John Boehner, of Ohio, and Sen. John McCain, of Arizona. They were among the 65 sitting members of Congress who contributed to her campaign, accounting for $156,000 in the past few months.

You can donate to Love here. She needs the help to defeat Matheson, someone who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, strategically voting against the Dem aganda only when needed for publicity purposes.


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jimzinsocal | July 17, 2012 at 9:51 am

Obama with his recent speech has given us a great cause to rally behind. Again, even tho he may not have intended, he has defined what the election is all about: Free Society or Big Government Centered Society.
Obama has basically insulted every businessman and that group crosses party lines. From street vendors in big cities to corporate executives Obama has said..your iniative doesnt count for much. Your personal risks dont count.
And its gratifying to see small business as a group reacting to his out of the mainstream ideology.
That junk maybe fine Mr Obama confined to smoke filled dorm rooms but we all live in the real world.
Your ideology isnt wanted in a 2012 America.

“He is playing politics of personal preservation, and he no longer puts Utah first,”

Quality individual Mia Love is. A modern day dictionary, should use that quote to describe all politicians.

Mr. Smith Mrs. Love Goes to Washington, but certainly not as neophyte wide-eyed member of a once respected and envied body of people, which the purpose of was and still IS to serve the nation.

I credit her optimism in light of the financial disadvantage and the democratic support that will flow to her opponent because she is a minority woman Republican. I’ll make another donation to her today.

If this race gets competitive, it could become surpassingly ugly.

А chance for a black, conservative female minority to win as a Republican will cause Democrats behavior comparable to a vampire’s reaction to the combination of garlic, a wooden stake, and daylight.

listingstarboard | July 17, 2012 at 11:41 am

“I think people will recognize that”–the fatal flaw of the Republican Party, thinking that people will search out the facts and apply logic and reason. Obama was elected despite direct evidence of his ties to radicals, his obvious dishonesty regarding his birth, SSN, etc. etc–when will the Republican Party ever learn to fight back? Breitbart understood the need to get in their faces and push back.

LukeHandCool | July 17, 2012 at 12:03 pm

The President, The Fake Indian & The Honey Badger

Fake Indian: You killed a cobra?

Honey Badger: Yeah, epic battle, he bit me … I was out for hours … didn’t think I’d pull through …

Fake Indian: Well, Good for you!

Honey Badger: Thanks, mate. I’m lucky to be alive.

Fake Indian: BUT!

Honey Badger: But??

Fake Indian: You didn’t have to worry about marauding bands seizing what you had, because the rest of us …

Honey Badger: Come again? You didn’t see the jackals and hyenas and vultures coming at me from every direction, trying to take my kill? Are you blind to reality?

President: You see, if you were successful in your life-and-death struggle with that cobra, somebody along the line gave you some help …

Honey Badger: Dude … this is the Serengeti. Somebody is going to risk helping me? Against a pissed off cobra? You guys aren’t locals, are you? You’re from some other world, aren’t you?

President: There was a great teacher somewhere in your life …

Honey Badger: Yeah, my parents. Both killed by cobras. They taught me well, and they also told me to learn from their mistakes.

President: If you killed a cobra … you didn’t kill it … somebody else made that happen.

Honey Badger: You two are really starting to piss me off. Don’t piss off a honey badger.

President: There is nobody on this Serengeti Plain who killed a cobra on his own …

Fake Indian: Right! The rest of us …

Honey Badger: What do you mean ‘the rest of us,’ Kemosabe?

President: She means … wait … look … What the hell is that?

Fake Indian: Oh my God! It’s a cobra! Get that thing away from me!

Honey Bager: Oh man, he’s a big one … and pissed off … this is going to be really risky … will you help me kill him?

Honey Badger: Hello? Fake Indian! President! Where did you go? Don’t run away! Come back!