Instapundit’s Twitter account has been suspended.

The folks at Twitchy have the story:

PJ Media’s Nina Yablok is trying to return the Twitter handle @Instapundit to the hands of trademark owner Glenn Reynolds, and she’s asking for help in getting Twitter’s attention.

The long version of the story can be found on the PJ Tatler, but in short, the person maintaining the @Instapundit handle (with Reynold’s permission) has gone missing in action, and Yablok’s multiple attempts to contact Twitter regarding the matter have gone nowhere.

The @Instapundit account has since been suspended, but Yablok hopes that retweets of the #RepondTwitter hashtag might help her reach a human being who can help resolve the situation.

You can help by using the Emergency Broadcast Twitter box at the top of the sidebar.

Update 7-31-2012 7:30 a.m. – The account has been restored, apparently by creating a new one with the name username, but anyone who followed will have to re-follow as all followers were lost: @instapundit.