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“Dewhurst’s Allies Are Throwing The Kitchen Sink At Cruz”

“Dewhurst’s Allies Are Throwing The Kitchen Sink At Cruz”

I understand, from a far distance, that the anti-Ted Cruz ads have been pretty brutal.  This report by National Journal, Four Signs of Cruz-mentum, indicates the last few days will be the worst yet:

Dewhurst’s Allies Are Throwing The Kitchen Sink At Cruz: The main super PAC supporting Dewhurst, the Texas Conservatives Fund, released a harsh new TV ad on Tuesday which can be best described as a political Hail Mary Pass.

The spot ties Cruz to the suicide of a teenager (the boy’s mother is featured in the ad) who served time in a juvenile detention center. But to say the connection is a stretch would be an understatement. Cruz defended a Pennsylvania developer in a judicial corruption scandal, but not on a criminal matter.

The super PAC’s decision to double down on the weak connection the last couple of weeks — and to release an ad with a lot of shock value one week from Election Day — looks like one based on a desire to shake up the race, not to solidify a lead for a sturdy frontrunner.

This does smack of desperation.  To run this ad right as people are voting could be counter-productive; is it really going to change any minds, or just motivate Cruz supporters even more?

For what it’s worth, here’s the ad.


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I live in DFW and I’m currently in Houston on business. I will be searching for a local polling place to cast my vote for Ted Cruz.

    heimdall in reply to MTED. | July 24, 2012 at 11:28 pm

    I usually wouldn’t say this, but I hope that PPP was right. I hope that Cruz has more than a 5pt lead by the runoff…

    Abby in reply to MTED. | July 25, 2012 at 12:33 am

    Sorry but you have to vote in the City and Precinct in which you are registered. Hopefully you will be back in DFW before 7 p.m. on Friday or be able to vote on the 31st. Cruz needs every vote he can get.

    TrooperJohnSmith in reply to MTED. | July 25, 2012 at 12:40 am

    I don’t think you mean that you’re looking for a polling place in Houston, right? I’m not sure you can do that. But if it’s possible, here ya go:

    I voted this morning, and there were five of us in line waiting for a machine. As far as I know, at least 4 of the 5 were voting for Cruz.

    parteagirl in reply to MTED. | July 25, 2012 at 11:09 am

    If you live in DFW, you can’t vote in Houston unless you vote by absentee ballot and I’m not sure there’s enough time left for that. Early voting continues through Friday, and then you’ll have your last chance to vote at your normal polling place in DFW on Tuesday, July 31.

kbob_in_katy | July 24, 2012 at 10:38 pm

Call me dense, but I fail to see the connection between someone killing themself after release from confinement and a politician. Why isn’t the mother blaming the arresting officer, the prosecuting attorney, the judge and of course George Bush? More importantly, why isn’t she blaming herself for failing to instill values in her spawn?

I live in Texas and I am going with Cruz. I like our state AG, and Cruz worked for him. Perry is OK, but he is getting infected with that political disease.


Sent my absentee vote in today for Cruz. It’s been ugly for awhile. Word has it that Dewhurst has spent over $16M of his own money. Go figure.

    IMHO Dewhurst, especially in recent images in which his age shows, resembles Mike Bloomberg. Their expressions say that they are entitled to tell other people what to do, without any back talk.

Man, I wish the establishment Republicans would fight this hard against the Democrats…

They must be getting their points from the McCain playbook…

Democrat politicians who are lawyers haven’t represented any asshole clients, especially on legal issues that have nothing to do with making a value judgment about the asshole behaviors?

They can throw whatever they want… I cast my vote for Cruz today at the Fiesta on Stasney.

The commercials are coming at a furious rate though.

It seems very likely correct that this is desperation. At least Dewhurst made it close to the runoff before getting desperate – Obama is already desperate.

Cruz will win – not by a landslide, though.

kingofkingwood | July 25, 2012 at 12:31 am

Say it Forward… I voted for Ted on Monday and have sent an email with a delayed delivery for next Monday to remind everyone I know all over the state to get out and vote on Tuesday! It’s about time someone in Washington was representing our values for a change. Time to stop the habitual liars… you still have $184M to try to buy a different election… just not this one… goodbye Deworst!

workingclass artist | July 25, 2012 at 12:34 am

I dunno…this seems pretty routine for a close race in Texas Politics.

Politics aint’ beanbag

I think Dewhurst will squeek by though.

TrooperJohnSmith | July 25, 2012 at 12:47 am

It’s funny to see trial lawyers attacking each other because a client happened to be…. a criminal! Or crooked. Of course, they’ll all tell you that you are obligated to work as hard as you can for your client. Isn’t that they way the system is supposed to work? (head slap)

My Senator, Dan Patrick, is all in for Dewhurst. As an ex-radio talk show guy, Dan is a solid conservative, and he ambushed Cruz on a (I think in Dallas?) talk show yesterday where Cruz called in, ostensibly to speak with the normal host.

Patrick was there instead, and he hammered Ted, who was not given a chance to respond or refute. Houston talk host Michael Berry talked about it yesterday. It was not one of Texas’ Republicans finer moments.

    lets not blame what Dan Patrick did on “Texas Republicans” unless you mean the Republicrats like Patrick. Dan Patrick is a JACK A_ _ with all capital letters. He uses his office and power (such as it is) to oppress. He thinks there is a legislative solution for EVERYTHING and he is just the guy to think it up. That Patrick was a Dewhurst supporter is all I needed to know to vote for Cruz. And if you think it was an accident that Cruz called in and Patrick was there, you are dreaming. In my opinion , Patrick really showed his buns.

      Ragspierre in reply to sdharms. | July 25, 2012 at 8:10 am

      I used to listen to Patrick years ago.

      He always talked a good game, and made all the right noises, even before he went into politics. But there was always something I just didn’t like about the guy.

      I listen to notions like that, and damned if they aren’t usually borne out over time.

      That series of commercials Dewhurts has out is despicable. I’ll not only vote for Cruz, but I would never again vote for Dewhurts for any office.

I’m from FL so I can’t vote for Cruz.

Rooting for Cruz to trounce Dewhurst, as the Senate effects us all – wherever we reside.

Get back to Fast and Furious, Solyndra and the other scandals. These are national in scope. Yes it is important to “beat the drums” on Warren, but in the end, she is local.

I didn’t watch the add but I am from Luzerne county ….the place the add speaks of ….robert mericle is a democrat …..the 3 judges that went to the pokey were democrats …..the county commissioner was a democrat ….the school board members were democrats the state senator democrat … all we have had about 35 – 40 folks wind up in prison ….wearing ankle hardware …. tossed out of office …..turn states evidence ….. all but 2 were democrats and I am serious about the numbers over 3 dozen democrats and literally from the top on down everywhere the FBI stuck a shovel into turned up something …..from pimping kids to keep private Juv facilities full to selling teacher jobs to trading political clout for money ….T.V’s….. Suits …..contracts ….. you name it

I’m a Texas voter. Dewhurst’s ads (and taped calls) have motivated me. Vote Cruz.

About 20 years ago, I was in the seminary studying to be a priest. Our moral theology professors had a brother who was was the lead defense attorney for Jeffrey Dahmer. When asked about the morality of taking the case, our prof gave the an answer that can be summarized as follows — In our system, everyone has rights. It is a moral imperative for lawyers to take the cases even of the most despicable people and strive to defend those rights, even if they do not personally agree with their client — and that means even if their client is a cannibal who had gay sex with his victims (including underage boys) before killing them eating them, and freezing the leftovers. So long as a lawyer do not break the rules — knowingly presenting false evidence and the like — then they are abiding by the highest of moral standards, not the lowest. After all, if such clients cannot find representation then we cannot have justice done in our courts.

Then I listen to David Dewhurst, whose argument is quite the opposite — that representing a client imputes all the client imputes all the moral guilt of the client to his legal advocate. Dewhurst therefore seeks to present Ted Cruz as unpatriotic because one of his clients was a firm owned by the Chinese government — I’d argue that position is unAmerican.

Where Dewhurst’s ads have been nothing but attacks on Cruz, the Cruz campaign has been hitting back with ads that both expose Dewhurst and send a positive message about Cruz’s positions. In this type of mudslinging contest the campaign that can dish it out while extolling the virtues of their candidate usually wins out. I expect these ads are doing more harm than good for Dewhurst.

This the first time to comment on your blog. Enjoy your blog and try to visit everyday. I live in Texas and these ads don’t surprise me. Dewhurst is alright if that was the only choice that we had in the election. To me, Dewhurst is a career employee working for the State of Texas. He does a good job for Texas in the current position he has now. But, I tired of sending career employees to represent me to Washington D.C. I want a individual who has been in the real world of business. Meeting payroll, durming up clients and keeping them happy and dealing with government reg. every day. Dewhurst is not my choice, Cruz is.

Have a Nice Day!

Dewhurst has convinced me that Cruz needs to be elected for the job. With apologies, “We don’t need another stinkin’ politician”.