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Ted Cruz supporters need to get out the vote — starting with early voting Monday

Ted Cruz supporters need to get out the vote — starting with early voting Monday

Time to go for the big win

I am backing Ted Cruz, not out of a dislike of David Dewhurst but because Cruz is the type of star in the making we need, someone who can articulate a vision and stand up to both Democrats (I have no doubt Dewhurst can do that too) and Republicans (and therein lies the difference).

A relatively safe (I said relatively, not absolutely) seat is just the place to go for the big ideological win.

The New York Times ran a somewhat favorable article about Cruz today (but don’t hold that against him):

Whether Mr. Cruz, the former Texas solicitor general, is recalling the time he argued that a state should not have to follow an order from an international body or the brief he wrote in defense of a Ten Commandments monument on public property, Mr. Cruz’s work before the nation’s highest court during five-plus years as solicitor general has served as the cornerstone of a somewhat unorthodox campaign.

Mr. Cruz worked on so many high-profile cases because he and his former boss, Attorney General Greg Abbott, set out to engage in politically charged issues.

“We ended up year after year arguing some of the biggest cases in the country,” Mr. Cruz said. “There was a degree of serendipity in that, but there was also a concerted effort to seek out and lead conservative fights.”

Mr. Cruz, who has never held elective office, has argued before the Supreme Court nine times, more than any practicing lawyer in Texas or any current member of Congress.

The polling has been all over the place with each campaign releasing internal polls showing the candidate in the lead.  PPP is the only public poll to be released recently, and that showed Cruz up by 5 — but that was 10 days ago.  Runoff elections can be much harder to poll because turnout can vary so widely.

Voter turnout will be critical.  Early voting starts tomorrow and runs though Friday.  The runoff election is Tuesday, July 31..

If you support Cruz, there’s no excuse for not finding time in the next 8 days to vote.

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DINORightMarie | July 22, 2012 at 6:05 pm

I was in Dallas over the last few days, and I saw a commercial of his in the air – very impressive!

He has the Conservative, Constitutional perspective we need in DC, so that we can restore our nation.

So glad you are now boldly endorsing him, and spreading the word!!! Cruz has what we need!

TrooperJohnSmith | July 22, 2012 at 6:39 pm

I’m going… I’m going. My ol’ dog, Aqua Velva, has a Ted Cruz button on his collar as a reminder for me, the missus and all the progeny to go out and vote. Hell, ol’ AV is smarter than most voters, so I may get him registered.

Anyway, we’ll probably vote early Tuesday. But THANKS for the reminder!!

Dewhurts has run a series of the most nasty, deceptive, and scorched-earth ads I can imagine.

Ain’t no way in hell I would vote for that slug.

Conversely, I WILL vote happily for Mr. Cruz.

I’ll be voting tomorrow and Mr. Cruz will have my support.

“Mr. Cruz, who has never held elective office, has argued before the Supreme Court nine times, more than any practicing lawyer in Texas or any current member of Congress.”

I didn’t realize it was expected that members of Congress argued cases before the SCOTUS.

He must be good because the big GOP SuperPacs are sending extra money to Dewhurst. THAT is the best endorsement he can possibly get.

My family and the family traveling with us will all be mailing in our ballots this week from out-of-state. I hope other traveling Texans are doing the same!

Cruz has two votes from our household, and one of our daughters is voting for him.

Republican voters also have other run-off races in which to vote. Maybe some of your readers could comment on the Republican candidates for the Railroad Commission.

legacyrepublican | July 22, 2012 at 10:53 pm

Two of us are voting for Cruz.

We really hate the ads by Dewhurst. So deceptive. First, Cruz’ firm represented the Chinese, not Cruz. And secondly, even if it is an issue, a lawyer who represents his client has an obligation to do it to do their best job for the client regardless of whether or not they agree with them or not. Even James Holmes’ attorney will deserve our respect.

The rule of law, innocent until proven guilty, allows for full advocacy on both sides whereas social justice chooses sides and the other side automatically loses and is silenced.

Absolutely, this is precisely the sort of safe seat we should NOT settle for another mushy accommodationist. The agenda for fiscal reform will depend on having enough votes to enact real cuts.

Dewhurst is flooding the phone lines with robocalls asking for votes. Sorry, David, not this Texan. My vote will go to Ted Cruz.

And yeah, Professor, Dewhurst will stand up against Democrats; in the same back slapping, glad handed way he did here in Texas so that he could get Joe Strauss (RINO) voted in as Speaker of the House.

2 votes tomorrow from hubby and me for Cruz. The RINO can suck eggs.

Hopefully people on our side will vote early, and vote often.

10 votes from my family!

Cruz got our family’s vote this morning.

theduchessofkitty | July 23, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Two from mine!

Two from this household as well – we always go on Election Day to cast our votes. The polling place is just a couple of blocks up the street, so it’s very convenient.

RE-sent my absentee ballot request today, so I can vote AGAIN for Cruz (I voted for him in the first primary)! They don’t make this easy (it would be easier if I were an illegal, I’m sure!), but I’m determined.