I guess that doesn’t surprise me.

Also, does Christie thread the needle on the tax/penalty issue?  Or just muddle things even more?  (not his fault, really)

Via Mediaite:

Sure. Yeah. I mean, listen, I thought all along that it was a tax. And I don’t think it’s exclusively a tax or a penalty. It’s both. And there’s no question in my mind about that, it’s both. They’re meaning to penalize people and they argue in the Supreme Court it was a tax. Now, of course, you argued in the campaign and forward that it wasn’t, but he’s now in a bind. He’s in a bind as to what this is all about. But I think there’s no question that it’s both. It’s meant to penalize people and it is a tax. There’s no doubt. Because we have [it’s meant] to pay for the government program.