In previous posts we have noted that Mia B. Love will receive financial support from various Republican groups in her race against incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson.

That led me and many readers to believe that Love is all set for money.  But that is a misunderstanding.  The support she will get will be from independent expenditure groups, which cannot help with her campaign itself.  While this support will be helpful, it will not and cannot pay the campaign bills, so to speak.

So Love will be needing our help to build and implement her campaign structure and activities.

Matheson, as the incumbent, already has tons of money in the bank for his campaign, and will receive independent expenditure help from Democrats.

Just wanted to set the record straight, since it would be a shame if people didn’t contribute to Love because they thought the money was not needed.

You can contribute here.

Update 6-23-2012:  A reader from Utah sends this link, Rep. Paul Ryan courts fellow GOP members for Mia Love, Love trails Matheson in early poll


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