If you love Daily Kos, Van Jones and Keith Ellison, you’ll love Elizabeth Warren.  If you love public employee unions running the state, you’ll love Elizabeth Warren.  If you loved the Wisconsin Recall, you’ll love Elizabeth Warren.

The big union and Hollywood money and progressive media machine are going all in for Warren.  It’s where they are making their stand (and so are we at LI for just that reason).

Politico has put together a montage of Netroots attendees lauding Warren, including this comment from Daily Kos publisher Markos Moulitsas:

“Elizabeth Warren is probably the number one project of the Progressive movement this November”

Van Jones commented:

“Elizabeth Warren is everybody’s favorite human right now. I mean, she’s the rock star of the party right now. I think nobody would question that.”

Perhaps this explains the rapid-fire hits Daily Kos put on me after I asked one question about Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee problem at Netroots.

What has not been explained is the silence of these progressives about Warren’s abuse of the minority and “woman of color” designations, via Michael Smerconish, Warren’s shaky history:

The silence thus far from those minorities who are the intended beneficiaries of affirmative action is curious. If and when they demand to know whether Warren played the Native American card inappropriately, this issue could go from curiosity to deal-breaker.

Deal-breaker. Sounds good to us. And all it will take is continued light shining no matter how much Markos and Van and Elizabeth try to avoid the issue.


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