I have been frustrated with the ability of various pressure groups to mobilize people on Twitter with great speed, while we play catch-up.

So we have just added a new feature here, the Legal Insurrection Emergency Broadcast System.

When there is a developing event, you will see a Broadcast Alert appear at the top of the sidebar, like this one:

All you have to do is hit “Tweet This” and you will be directed to your Twitter account with the tweet already filled out for you.  At that point you will have to hit “Tweet” again for it actually to go out.  The tweet will then go out as any other tweet from your account.

You can edit the tweet before you send it from your account if you want, or you can send it as it.

If you do not have a Twitter account, get one.

This will not be used with great frequency, and there may be days when there are no Broadcast Alerts, and other days when there are more than one Alert.  The Alerts will function much like Announcements — how long the Alert stays up will depend on the event, it could be just minutes or it could be hours.

But first we need to test the system.

So the first Broadcast Alert will be live until the morning.  If you encounter any problems, please post a comment and we will address them.

Update 6-5-2012: The test is over, all systems ready. You can view my test tweet here and retweet it if you want.