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The “best” “worst” Obama-adoring video (Reader Poll)

The “best” “worst” Obama-adoring video (Reader Poll)

Consider this the opening of a time capsule from a gentler, kinder, more delusional era, when love of composite Obama swept the land.

In my post Sunday, It made you happy, but it was that bad, I asked readers for suggestions for the best worst Obama-adoring video for a Reader Poll.

The response was overwhelming, including many videos  I had not seen before.  But choices needed to be made for a Reader Poll limiting the choices to seven videos selected by me.  I’ve excluded campaign videos, “news” videos, and MSNBC because that would not be fair to the other contestants.

What constitutes “best” of the “worst” is up to you.  For me, I take into account factors such as creepiness, mindlessness, allegiance to vague concepts, and willingness to devote oneself to all of the above with absolute conviction that it will save the world.

So here are the choices, with the Reader Poll at the bottom of the post, open until midnight tonight.

We Are The Ones –

Obama Kids Singing

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s I Pledge Video

Crush on Obama


Yes We Can

Obama be thy Name

Reader Poll open until midnight tonight.


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Had to go with the “I pledge” video. That one has always creeped me out and taking an oath, making a pledge to be (seriously a SERVANT!) to a mere man makes me deeply, truly ill.

    Neo in reply to Fuzzy. | June 11, 2012 at 9:13 am

    The “I pledge” (done by Oprah’s Harpo Productions) shows the idealism that had many people voting for Obama in 2008.
    I doubt many folks could watch it to the end now.

    Observer in reply to Fuzzy. | June 11, 2012 at 9:35 am

    Yes, I remember feeling shocked and sickened when I first saw that creepy “pledge” video. The video of the kids singing was also cringe-worthy, but in some ways, it was easier to take. After all, the kids were just following the lead of their teachers; they were too young to know any better. The same can’t be said of the airhead celebrities in the “pledge” video.

    joated in reply to Fuzzy. | June 11, 2012 at 10:33 am

    I chose the “I Pledge” video made by two out of touch Hollywooders who are now separated. Serial marraige mavens making a “pledge?” Seriously?

    LukeHandCool in reply to Fuzzy. | June 11, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    “I pledge to bring awareness to mental disease.”

    Oh … young lady. You have been successful beyond your wildest dreams. Seldom does one see such contagious mass delusion … flaunted … proudly … arrogantly, even.

    Hey Demi, I know talk is expensive and actual action is cheap and all, but how is that pledge of yours to take 1 million people out of slavery within five years coming along?

    What exactly is it you do to make good on that pledge, Demi?

    Do you have a secret army? Now that it’s going on almost four years, can you name—not 1 million, just one, one single person—one person you’ve helped free from slavery?

    Who is the nauseating freak kissing his biceps, pledging to serve President Obama? Who is he? Is he an actor or a musician?

    This inked up a$$, as well as Demi and the others, pledge to be servants to President Obama.

    Ummmm … isn’t it the other way around? Doesn’t he work for us? He’s a president, not a king, and certainly not divine.

    “I pledge … to meet my neighbors … and find out their names … I’m gonna give them a smile … and ask them how I can be of service to them.”

    Oh my God. I think I would just start laughing uncontrollably if one of my Hollywood-type neighbors came up to me and said this.

    LukeHandCool (who already has a few lefty neighbors from hell … and the best way they can be of service to Luke is to leave him the hell alone)

      I believe the Muscle Man who named his biceps “Barack” and “Obama” is Anthony Kiedis (sp?) from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

        LukeHandCool in reply to angela. | June 11, 2012 at 1:55 pm

        That’s not surprising. I heard those guys being interviewed once on the radio years ago and the whole childish shock schtick was too much.

        Can’t stand what music of theirs I’ve heard … maybe that prejudiced my opinion.

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I finally have figured out the right response to a liberal who says the Wisconsin election was all about money. I am tired of hearing about how the money difference was “The Difference”. Ask this question in response ” How many commercials would it take for YOU to change your mind?” My assumption is that they would not.

Should have had an “All of the Above” for an answer.

I vote All of the Above.

It was good to see who supported(s) Obama. I’ll be remembering them when I make any entertainment purchases in the future.

The Reggae (or was that Ska…I never know) thingy wasn’t in the same league.

It was totally partisan, sure, but it wasn’t creepy like the others.

They all suck (sorry, no other way to describe it).

The man is a fraud, even as a then-democrat-now-independent I could see it, us “bitter clingers” I guess aren’t as stupid as Barry thinks we are.

Yes We Can. It was so sycophantic and literally contained no other content than parroting Obama’s words. I Pledge is a close follower (pun intended, of course), but wasn’t as consistently Obama-centrique – for instance pledging to plant 500 trees. Did she ever do that I wonder?

Kids video is creepy. But the kids didn’t know better, just singing a song about the new president guy. So, it’s bad but I find willful fawning much more disturbing.

On a not-unrelated note, Adbusters…the Canadian Collectivists who spawned OWS…have admitted OWS is a bust.

Not the idea, but the packaging.

They’re going with “Flash Encampments” as an improvement (!?).


Amber Lee Ettinger was an actress hired to play that part. If you think the Obama campaign wasn’t behind that video you haven’t been paying attention.

I never watched one of those. My soul is polluted enough already.

TrooperJohnSmith | June 11, 2012 at 9:38 am

I’m crushed that the, Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm mmmm mmmm, opus offering did not make the cut.

But, at least “The private sector is doing fine!” We just need some more spending on gummint jobs!

I’ll be careful how I state this (“They” might be listening. You know. GoogleApple, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, DOJ, Valerie Jarrett, etc.). Given a choice of having any of these vids played over and over and over, or being water-boarded; I would definitely choose water-boarding.

The vids say it all: He has the title, but that’s about all. President of these United States of America in name only, in name only.

As a footnote, I voted for “Sanctuary” because it reminds me of what they did to me during their last visit, as opposed to anal probing.

Watching these videos is like having dinner with Anna Wintour, like listening to Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokeeanese doublespeak, like hearing someone pulling their finger nails across a blackboard!

Can’t there be an “All of the above” button?

I had to go with the children’s video. Imagine that you were a kid from the Carter era, forced to sing the praises of the Peanut Farmer. Jump ahead 20 years, and that video is now being accessed by potential dates and employers. The difference is Carter’s career will look stellar compared to Obama’s.

I find the use of children in this manner distasteful and inexcusable — two adjectives that have become hallmarks of my description of the Obama Administration.

    theduchessofkitty in reply to Mutnodjmet. | June 11, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    “Imagine that you were a kid from the Carter era, forced to sing the praises of the Peanut Farmer. Jump ahead 20 years, and that video is now being accessed by potential dates and employers.”


    Just wait.

All disturbing to one point or another but this one with the kids singing “Barrack Hussein Obama mom…mmm…mm” is really creepy ( Talk about North Korean idol worship.

So, all of the above. I voted for the Hollyweird pledge.

You sure are the ones.
Mmm Mmm, sick creepy child abuse
Ashton and Demi –no more together. Broke their pledge.
Crushed, disillusioned now.
Sanctuary–just plain icky
No you can’t.
Yeah, Obama be thy name. And we are well aware.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | June 11, 2012 at 10:42 am

Propagandizing elementary school age kids is sick.

Since “Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmm mmm” is not a choice, I had to go with the other video with a bunch of kids singing praise to Obama.

Henry Hawkins | June 11, 2012 at 10:55 am

In this post is revealed Professor Jacobson’s masochistic side – in order to vote you’d have to watch these videos.

They are all too creepy to watch. They’re all about Obama the man, the personality. None of them portray Obama, the leader.

It’s American Idol all over again. Ugh!

Obama Commerce Sec takes after his boss …
… “… alone and unconscious behind the wheel of his car

To Mutnodjment: An excellant point. For what he specifically , but we need to include his entire ilk in responsibility ,have done in the name of these , but to all children is obamanable. There needs to be opened a new addition to Dante’s Hell where these assholes flounder for eternity in the toxic consequences of their actions & BS ideas.

All of the above. They each have their own peculiar level of creepiness that should give rational minds pause.

I’ll have to go with all of the above. Anything that remotely smacks of groupthink or mindless chanting/singing/ indoctrination is abhorrent and has no place here in America.

9thDistrictNeighbor | June 11, 2012 at 11:45 am

At first I thought that voting would be very difficult, then I watched “Sanctuary”. That is utterly offensive. Sanctuary is a Catholic hymn asking that a person intending to receive Holy Eucharist be made worthy to receive the sacrament. Our very traditional Catholic homeschool group children sing that hymn at their monthly mass. Were I to send a link to that video out to our group, you would hear a hydrogen-bomb-sized explosion from the Chicago area as their heads exploded….

SoCA Conservative Mom | June 11, 2012 at 12:05 pm

Confession: I didn’t watch any of the videos for mental health reasons. I also didn’t vote.

Isn’t that Courtney Cox and David Arquette in the Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher video? I didn’t watch, so for all I know, there are several celebrity, now divorced/getting divorced couples.




1. I voted for Obama Kids Singing. Seeing the indoctrinated kids was bad enough, but what really creeped me out was the clueless smugness on the parents’ faces as they watched their children being brainwashed.

2. Barrack Hussein Obama mmm…mmm…mmm would have been a strong candidate. I agree with the commenters who said it belongs on the list.

You really need to have a selection Unable to Watch or something. There is no way I could watch more than about 20 seconds of each.

Sorry. I’m not watching any of them.
And you can’t make me.

I chose the one with the kids, because liberalism is like porn: it’s always disgusting, but it’s absolutely unforgiveable when children are involved.

This was like asking “Which is worse – Brussel Sprouts, Liver or Tofu Turkey?”

Please Add ) ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

Hey, what about the scary Alpha, Omega video?

I’m pretty sure watching these videos was the worst 30 minutes of my life, and that is saying a lot – believe me there has been a lot of negativity – but these videos are horrible – hideous music – zombie kids – mindless repetition – uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Trapped in Davis | June 11, 2012 at 8:46 pm

“I’ve got a crush on Obama” was a satire done by Barely Political and only really counts because it was so close to reality.
My vote is for the singing kids. Way too creepy.