There are times it’s good just to be a spectator.

I’m not going to try to sort this out, I’ll just note that the “Stop Rush” movement has turned on one of its most prized Twitter activists, or that activist has turned on it, depending who you believe.

I don’t care to believe any of them, I’ll just alert you to the theatrics.

Twitter account @FarLeftOfRight was one of the most active accounts sending out anti-Limbaugh tweets to advertisers, apparently controlling several accounts to send out identical tweets simultaneously (image from 4-19-2012):

Matt Osborne was another key player in the Stop Rush movement.  He wrote a hit piece on me (no linky), and now is involved in an online fight with @FarLeftOfRIght, with some highly inflammatory accusations in a lengthy blog post, as well as some even more inflammatory accusations in the notes to a YouTube video.  Osborne also is trying to convince people to unfollow:

Who’s right and who’s wrong?  I’m not about to spend the time sorting it out.

It’s just worth noting that the Stop Rush movement is eating its own.  A fitting end.


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