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Pass the Cheetos

Pass the Cheetos

Morning Joe (h/t Dan Riehl):

>>let’s see, if i’m going on intrade and trying to figure out whether the future of the republican party belongs to grover norquist who i know and like or the jeb bushes of the world, i’m pretty confident jeb wins. i will tell you jeb bush’s republican party is a party of the future. i don’t compare myself to jeb. he is a great man, i am a mere servant of the jebular.


>>but joe scarborough’s republican party is the future of the republican party. i’ve had people come up to me yelling and screaming, i say put your hair out. i say we’re going to take care of long-term debt. our goal will be to have gdp 19% of how much we spend on government. we’re going to try to keep taxes as low as possible but i’ll tell what you we’re not going to do, we’re not going to cut infrastructure for the next 50 years, we’re not going to cut r & d for the next 50 years not going to cut education for the next 50 years. we’re going to hold government responsible, we’re not going to let teachers unions wreck classes. mika will tell you we’ve been these speeches to the most conservative groups in america as well as the most liberal and they all agree. you can go online and act like a jack ass and say what you want to say. now everybody is calling jeb bush a rhino. just shut the hell up. can you stay in your mother’s basement, eat your cheetohs, type on your dinty laptop but you are not the future of the republican party so keep screaming at your walls downstairs, your day is done. jeb did something very important that i wish mitt romney would have done couple of years ago when glen beck was calling the president of the united states a racist and a bigot. jeb is speaking out. i think other republicans are starting to speak out. mitt romney doesn’t have the courage to speak out against this type of hatred but our day is coming, mike. our day is coming. when that party reemerges, oh, my god, the following they will get from swing voters. and i’m sure you agree, bill, as well.

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The only time that I watch MSNBC is when a clip appears here or maybe Weasel Zippers.

Generally, nothing much of interest can be found on MSNBC that can be substantiated as factual. So why should I torture myself by watching cranial mush destroying venom?

Regarding Jeb Bush, haven’t we had enough of the Bushes? Both Bush presidencies were weak but still better than the democrat alternative but that is hardly complimentary.

Why get overly concerned on a non entity?

    That’s why a lot of us refer to it as MS-LSD.

    The people over there are so divorced from reality that it’s like trying to listen to someone tell you the sky is bright orange and those big poofs hide giant floating cities. It’s about the same level of insanity.

    Jeb Bush IS a RINO. Yes, he’s a fiscally disciplined RINO who largely believes in lower taxes and smaller government, but that doesn’t change the facts that he leans liberal on a lot of issues which are critical voting issues to the TEA Partiers, and why it would be utter folly for Romney to even begin to consider him as a VP choice. It would have about an equal level of impact as the naming of Sarah Palin in 2008, but a completely de-motivating effect instead of Gov. Palin’s Conservative motivation surge.

Pleeze, enough Bushes. I am now grumpy.

The Bush family are the quintessential Eastern Establishment family; don’t let that Texas drawl fool you.

The Establishment tolerate us because they need our votes and know we’ll be good little boys and girls and support their candidates, because where else will we go? (Same argument the Dims make about the blacks and other ethnic minorities who may or may not legally cast a ballot).

John the Orange got to be Speaker thanks to us. Maybe what we need to do is primary some of his lieutenants in ’16, beat them and make Ryan the Speaker.

Scarborough needs to put his hair out and go sit in his basement, dreaming of Mika.

Ya’ know, I think 44 has one big ass man crush on the name of Bush.

Enclosed, please find this bad check, for your first pair. You little devil, 44.

people actually watch this moron?

i think i need an adult beverage now.

no thanks on the Cheetos.

Frank Scarn | June 13, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Even when the US population was 9-11 million in 1825 when John Adams kid was elected president it has always stuck me as peculiar that a former president’s son, after a nationwide search, was the best one suited for the job. Similar creepy feelings presented themselves to me respecting the Harrisons (No. 9 was the grandfather of No. 23), exceeded by the absolute creepiness of FDR and the Kennedys (which had events gone as old Joe planned would have supplied us with endless presidents).

In 2000, with the US population at 280 million, again another nationwide search is done, and aha, the only son qualified is the son of yet another former president. Creepy.

And the creepiness continues by the constant mentioning of a brother of No. 43, another son of No. 41, as a future president. Yuck.

    NC Mountain Girl in reply to Frank Scarn. | June 14, 2012 at 12:05 am

    I believe John Adams was the only one of the first five presidents to even have a son. Washington and Madison were both childless. Jefferson and Monroe only had daughters. This probably wasn’t a coincidence. Those early Americans were very worried about avoiding the establishment of a hereditary ruling class.

“just shut the hell up.”

Ah, yes. The devastating repartee of the Collectivist.

Hard to argue with that logic…

I think he called us Bitter Clinging, Cheetos Eating, Pajama Clad Bloggers.

Doug Wright | June 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm

@Frank Scarn: You’ve got that exactly right. If another descendant of John Adams were to show up on the political scene now and make a run for president, that would be fine with me but not the Harrisons now and not the Bushes now.

We started this country to get away from kings and royals and do not need a royal family in name along with those who want to be in fact, like the Kennedys.

Maybe down the road, George P. Bush’s great grandson should consider running yet maybe that Bush should hold off til the following 2-generations.

Heck, if Jeb ran now, I’d start a revolution out of pure republican principles plus out of pure meaness too.


Doug Wright | June 13, 2012 at 7:03 pm

What is it about MSNBC that takes otherwise sometimes decent people like Joe Scar used to be and turn them into raving ranting fools? Is it the coffee, the water, or the association with Brian Williams. 🙂

    jasond in reply to Doug Wright. | June 13, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    “What is it about MSNBC that takes otherwise sometimes decent people like Joe Scar used to be and turn them into raving ranting fools?”

    His reported $4million a year salary.

1. I have repeatedly posted that the ongoing brawl respectful exchange of competing ideas among conservatives should be put on hold until November. The overriding priority should be to defeat Obama. Hopefully my LI comments are phrased accordingly.

2. I recently posted that I may change my mind if Jeb Bush is campaigning for the VP slot.

To the Bushes and their water carriers: Read. My. Lips.

3. In the interest of objectivity: Has anyone seen polls which indicate that Bush on the ticked is essential to carry Florida, and would not lose more electoral votes than it gains?

    Henry Hawkins in reply to gs. | June 13, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    And this poll needs to measure Jeb’s ability to deliver FL as opposed to Rubio’s or West’s. Also, as it currently looks, and subject to change as the campaign continues, Romney may be capable of capturing FL on his own merits.

    chilipalmer in reply to gs. | June 14, 2012 at 12:12 am

    Jeb Bush was silent for 8 years while his brother destroyed the Republican Party and the country so conservative ideals aren’t his concern. They weren’t his brother’s concern either, as he said in 2006 he was glad the House switched to Dem. By 2009, the House of Reps. had almost no Republicans left which enabled ObamaCare to pass. Jeb Bush is on the board of Tenet Healthcare which benefited from ObamaCare. He sits on several other corporate boards. He couldn’t even deliver the state of Florida to his own brother in 2000. His alleged popularity is a media creation. He’s a graspy oaf who puts himself first and the country last. The internet has thrown a curve at the Bush crowd’s wholesale theft of the country.

    chilipalmer in reply to gs. | June 14, 2012 at 3:31 am

    Jeb Bush backed the guy who lost to Rick Scott for Florida governor in 2010. Bush backed McCollom who was the clubhouse establishment guy. If you want to lose an election, sign up Jeb Bush. He couldn’t even deliver Florida to his brother in 2000.

Poor ole Joe. What’s a RINO to do but helplessly attack the unstoppable principles, scruples and logic of the Tea Party.

Romney is likely squirming like a worm of a fish hook being pulled back and forth between the RINO Class and the Tea Party Class.

Sarah Palin may vote for Romney but withholds her endorsement.

Same with me… ABO but that’s the extent.

We can make a term in the White House very politically uncomfortable for a RINO who practices RINOism.

And they know it in spades.

BannedbytheGuardian | June 13, 2012 at 7:34 pm

Is this the same Joe -ex R Rep -whose 21 year old staffer fell down in his office & died?

I only know that he has an enormous square head which is eerily reminiscent of a Brit TV carton about a talking head.

I would be perfectly happy if we never elected another Bush, Clinton or Kennedy… EVER.

Enough of this political dynasty crap.

    creeper in reply to Sanddog. | June 14, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Hear, hear, Sanddog.

    I was still a deluded Dem back in 2008. My distaste for political dynasties kept me from supporting Hillary even though I knew she was the only one who could stop Barry-O.

    But let us not forget that Romney, also, is a political scion.

“our day is coming, mike. our day is coming.”

What a joke.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | June 13, 2012 at 8:08 pm

This may be a shocker, but if you think ACU scores are a good way to measure how conservative a legislator’s voting record is/was, Scarborough was ultra conservative. I looked it up once, and his lifetime ACU score was like 96 or something crazy high like that. That’s partly why I think much of his TV personality is just for show to please the tiny but exclusively Democrat audience who watch MSNBC.

That said, when you read what he said, most conservatives agree with him. Government spending equal to 19% of GDP. Check. Reform social security and medicare. Check. Keep taxes as low as possible. Check.

Then he goes into a strange rant about “we’re not going to cut infrastructure for the next 50 years, we’re not going to cut r & d for the next 50 years we’re not going to cut education for the next 50 years”. He pretends someone is actually proposing that. It’s a total strawman. Then his juvenile remarks about telling people who criticize Jeb to shut up is just childish. Or maybe the progressive control freaks he now hangs around with all the time is rubbing off on him and he really wants to control our speech.

What’s most annoying is that he refuses to acknowledge the Republicans had the biggest wave election in nearly a century in 2010. The voters, at least then, liked what the Republican Party was selling, contrary to what Joe Scarborough or Jeb Bush may think. People like me and most readers of this blog are freaking sick of RINOs working with Democrats to make government ever bigger and more intrusive in our lives. I am sick of the never ending tug to the left as government thinks it can solve everyone’s problems. I want more freedom, not more government.

What’s the deal with Grover Norquist? He’s good on tax, but he’s also an Islamist loving loon. Weird.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to brett_mcs. | June 14, 2012 at 3:47 am

    Norquist married a Muslim. I think she was put in his way to get an inside track into poisoning our lines. So, we have Muslims infiltrating all our parties and political groups, and where they go Jew-hatred rears it’s ugly head. It’s all about creating Islamic supremacy inside all our national institutions. Besides, if Norquist wants to breathe in his wife’s face, he’d better toe the line.

What a blowhard. They all think they are sitting on a roof doing the casual MSNBC shuffle. In reality they are in a gigantic toilet bowl and history is about to pull the chain.

Did these people miss the part with that great accommodator, John McCain of Arizona, couldn’t get bipartisan support for a Special Counsel on our national security leaks? Let’s see, Republicans agreed to special prosecutors when they could have objected, because it was the right thing to do. Democrats object, because otherwise is to suggest we can’t trust the Attorney General. RINOs have accommodated our rights away while feathering their own nests. Piss on the lot of them.

GOPE: Grand Old Party Establishment.

Henry Hawkins | June 13, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Scarborough is what I call a ‘casual Republican’ or ‘casual conservative’ for whom the pretense of conservatism is a shawl donned or shed whenever convenient or expedient, with a wink and a nod, and solely for the purpose of a posture of the moment, and one worth -if only to MSNBC – a cool $4 mil per annum. Were Scarborough to regain his old congressional seat in FL-1, and if he needed to do so to remain in office, he’d return to his former ACU 96% days. But as a TV celebrity (nothing he does on MSNBC could be called ‘news’), he wears the shawl of token conservative, with a wink and nod, and is the show’s person on the right only because everyone else on his MSNBC stage is so far to the left. Sit Alan Colmes next to Mika Brzezinski and all of a sudden he starts looking like a redneck righty too. It’s the media theory of special relativity. Joe Scarborough is sort of like a David Brooks with his brains knocked out.

    Largely that’s why whenever Scarborough sees fit to open his mouth I think of him as a hypocrite. He wants to believe that he’s the end-all-and-be-all of moderate Conservatism.

    He’s too full of his own self-aggrandizement to actually realize that he’s the definition of a RINO.

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | June 13, 2012 at 9:11 pm

Joe Scarborough is a liberal progressive GOP establishment RINO hack, and attacks anyone that does not see it his way, or Romney’s way, or Jeb Bush’s way, or any other GOP establishment RINO’s way.

Instead of being intelligent, mature, and professional about his position and defending his position with facts and rational thought, he goes on an emotional tirade and temper tantrum, like a child with ADD.. What else is new with progressive GOP RINO’s like Scarborough along with his sidekick Mikalinski, or however you say her name..

Like I already stated, and will do so again. The only reason the Bush’s were ever in the Presidential White House picture, is because of Ronald Reagan and all the Reagan Conservative people, not because the Bush’s were GOP establishment Republicans, but in spite of it.

It’s the connection to a real conservative- President Ronald Reagan.
If it weren’t for Ronald Reagan choosing GHW Bush as his VP, the Bush’s would never have been elected President, period. This connection is the only reason they were selected by conservatives over others in the 1988 election, as well as the 2000 election. American conservatives do not love, nor have they ever loved the Bush’s.

This is why the GOP RINO establishment just does not get it, and will never get it because if they did get it, they wouldn’t be progressive GOP establishment RINO’s in the first place. This is why most all of the people they produce as leaders are weak kneed appeasing compromising politicians with no core conservative values and principles to guide them through the tough times, as well as easy times, which affects America and all American because of the ill willed decisions and policies they implement, and so on..

They are so far gone now, they actually believe and think and are absolutely consumed with the average Tea Party folks being their enemy, instead of the liberal Democrats like Obama that are destroying this Nation. Talk about misguided priorities.

This is typical of liberal progressive RINO’s, because they, the powers that be in the GOP establishment Party, are fearful of losing their grip and hold onto power and money within that Party apparatus machinery, to the Tea Party, aka “the People”.

Case in point: Harry Reid’s public statement that validated and verified this liberal partnership with Harry Reid’s public statement agreeing with Jeb Bush’s statements about the Tea Party element of the GOP just yesterday. harry Reid wants the liberal GOP establishment to be in charge and push out the People, aka Tea Party, so they can continue their Status Quo partnership together forever, and not have those pesky average American People actually put conservative policies in place, and actually make good sound decisions of less govt, lower taxes, less spending, etc, etc..

It was so obvious a third grader could see it. Ronald Reagan did not accept their premise of compromise and appeasement Status Quo, he reject it. Ronald Reagan fought these same type of liberal progressive establishment people and their appeasing weakneed policies in 1976, 1980, all the way til Jan 1989, and even after.. This is why Ronald Reagan was ans til is revered today, is why the Bush’s are not.

Now this takes me to another twist in this track on which I saw yesterday. People pretending to be disaffected and disenfranchised Republicans in the media bloggershpere.

I exposed this hack for what he is yesterday, and will do it here.

Article in

Why I Gave Up On Being a Republican
By Michael Stafford – – The Cagle Post
Jun 12 2012
“Today, however, I am a registered Republican no longer.

I came to the decision to leave the GOP not with a heavy heart, but with a broken one.” etc, blah, blah, blah..

I won’t put the whole article here, but you can read it yourself at

My Response to Michael Stafford’s article, thus to Mr Michael Stafford himself-

Mr. Michael Stafford, the whole premise and essence of your article is a snide intentional insinuating attempt to smear the Reagan Constitutional Conservative Tea Party folks, by playing the disaffected and disenchanted Republican, by trying to blame the cause of your disaffection and displeasure of every problem in the GOP Republican Party on the Tea Party constitutional conservative people, aka extremists, and not the anything the progressive GOP establishment does and says in their so called compromising by appeasing the liberals at every turn, expanding govt and spending as much as the democrats under Obama does.

You are no different from those liberal Democrats who use those very same tactics to distort and twist the truth for their own means and agenda.

This is typical of liberal progressive RINO’s, because they, the powers that be in the GOP establishment Party, are fearful of losing their grip and hold onto power and money within that Party apparatus machinery, to the Tea Party, aka “the People”.

This laughable attempt to insinuate and smear snidely and cleverly the Tea Party in this article is of course resulting from Jeb Bush’s attacks upon the Tea Party and Ronald Reagan Conservatism, as well as against Reagan himself, by pitting constitutional conservative President Ronald Reagan of yesterday, against the Tea Party People of today.

This is an old political ploy to compound the effect by of a certain criticism, by accumulated articles by trying to give the appearance of credibility to the lie.

Michael Stafford you are not fooling anyone, but the already progressive GOP establishment Republicans, as I can read and comprehend english Mr Stafford.

This is kind of garbage that the liberal progressive GOP Republican RINO estblishment wants to put out there, and the liberal Obamacrats pretending to be RINO’s are trying to do, to make false insinuations, smears, and lies against the average American person, aka the Tea Party folks.. so that both sides can collude and be happy sharing power and money in Washington DC to run their liberal policies as they see fit without any interference from the people, aka the Reagan Conservative Tea Party folks, who upset their little apple cart privileged entrenched permanent political class elitist world.

Not going to happen RINO’s, not if we the Reagan Conservative Tea Party folks have anything to say about it!!

TeaPartyPatriot4ever | June 13, 2012 at 9:18 pm

And just to add, I loved Mark Levin’s program where he ripped into Joe Scarborough the other day. It was great.

Could be that Scarborough’s correct–that the (R) Party will be dominated by such-as-Bush, etc.

But he errs in assuming that the (R) Party will be a force. Anyone remember the Whigs–who were a Party, too?

Joe Scarborough may be responding to something, but what? If he were to identify that, perhaps some people here wouldn’t be so offended by his present set of comments.

What is the basis for this?

” i’ll tell what you we’re not going to do, we’re not going to cut infrastructure for the next 50 years, we’re not going to cut r & d for the next 50 years not going to cut education for the next 50 years. we’re going to hold government responsible, we’re not going to let teachers unions wreck classes. ”

Who is saying the Repubs want to do this? I don’t think it’s any Repubs.

and this: “now everybody is calling jeb bush a rhino…”

Now, I believe there are some people calling Jeb Bush a RINO, just as they call every Republican who talks a RINO, but who is making the accusation? Would that be Democrats playing moby?

A little clarity, please!

It’s RINO, not RHINO! Can’t they get that right? What does the H stand for?

Subotai Bahadur | June 14, 2012 at 12:00 am

1. Joe Scarborough is an enemy of this country and the Constitution, and is a paid agent of their enemies. The only reason to listen to anything he says is to triangulate his position.

2. That said, he may well be right, in that Jeb Bush will be the future of the Republican Party. That does not preclude him being a RINO, a DIABLO, an Institutional Republican, and/or about as useful as teats on a boar hog.

3. Said future of the Republican Party may be that of their Whig predecessors. The only life and strength that remains in the Republican Party comes from the TEA Party/Patriot movement; me-too collaborationism with the destruction of the country not being a particularly dynamic plan for the future. And absent the TEA Party/Patriot movement, that is all they have left.

4. Patriots will support the Republicans [and Romney] through November 6; not because we owe them fealty, but because we face a more deadly enemy who has to be removed as soon as possible. To quote Churchill as he explained allying with Stalin in WW-II:

If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.

In January, if the Institutionals try to revive the Democrats with kindness ….

Subotai Bahadur

Wow… I actually do the InTrade play… Where’s this guy have his head? Grover’s not listed, Scarborough is only listed at 0.1% and Jeb is at a measly 1.5%.

These are the ones he calls future of GOP?

I seriously doubt he has any money at the market. Then again, if he wants to buy long, I would be more than willing to match him with the short sell. I don’t have any problem taking his money.

DocWahala – I trust InTrade as a market driven poll, enough to risk my own money; there’s always going to be fools like him on the other side of the trade,living in their own make believe world.

Many of us didn’t pay attention. We were busy with our jobs, our families and our churches. We mostly left this politics thing to the professional politicians. That’s a mistake we won’t make again, Joe.
You boys took us down a bad road and you forgot where we came from. We didn’t forget!
It will be a generation before we trust the “Establishment”, the professionals, again. It may be longer if our children hear our warnings. The most potent political force in America is an aroused citizenry. We are aroused now and won’t go back to sleep again, Joe.

Jeb Bush might very well be the poster child for the GOP of the future. But how far out? 2016? 2020? Farther out? One thing I know for sure: The future is not now. I know it. You know it. I think even Jeb and the Bush family know it. If Joe doesn’t know it, he’s the one who needs to put his hair out.

I love Cheez-It’s and America too.