Morning Joe (h/t Dan Riehl):

>>let’s see, if i’m going on intrade and trying to figure out whether the future of the republican party belongs to grover norquist who i know and like or the jeb bushes of the world, i’m pretty confident jeb wins. i will tell you jeb bush’s republican party is a party of the future. i don’t compare myself to jeb. he is a great man, i am a mere servant of the jebular.


>>but joe scarborough’s republican party is the future of the republican party. i’ve had people come up to me yelling and screaming, i say put your hair out. i say we’re going to take care of long-term debt. our goal will be to have gdp 19% of how much we spend on government. we’re going to try to keep taxes as low as possible but i’ll tell what you we’re not going to do, we’re not going to cut infrastructure for the next 50 years, we’re not going to cut r & d for the next 50 years not going to cut education for the next 50 years. we’re going to hold government responsible, we’re not going to let teachers unions wreck classes. mika will tell you we’ve been these speeches to the most conservative groups in america as well as the most liberal and they all agree. you can go online and act like a jack ass and say what you want to say. now everybody is calling jeb bush a rhino. just shut the hell up. can you stay in your mother’s basement, eat your cheetohs, type on your dinty laptop but you are not the future of the republican party so keep screaming at your walls downstairs, your day is done. jeb did something very important that i wish mitt romney would have done couple of years ago when glen beck was calling the president of the united states a racist and a bigot. jeb is speaking out. i think other republicans are starting to speak out. mitt romney doesn’t have the courage to speak out against this type of hatred but our day is coming, mike. our day is coming. when that party reemerges, oh, my god, the following they will get from swing voters. and i’m sure you agree, bill, as well.

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