By this imitation without so much as a h/t?

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren joins list of politicians with a ‘Google problem’:

Although it is not the most serious “Google problem” a political hopeful has seen this election season, Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren does have an unwanted association popping up on the search engine.

Warren, a Harvard Law School professor challenging Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown for his Senate seat in Massachusetts, saw her candidacy dogged by questions over her Native American ancestry for more than a month recently. And although the controversy has quieted down since she addressed the topic ahead of the state Democratic convention, the number one search engine in the world reflects what people were most frequently searching for.

On Google’s homepage, when you type “Elizabeth Warren” into the search bar, the suggestions that follow are “Native American,” “for senate” and “Cherokee,” echos of several news cycles where Brown’s campaign and Native American critics charged that Warren used family tales of Native American ancestry for personal gain in her profession.

It’s entirely possible the writer thunk it up on his own, and not in reaction to our post on Friday just after noon, Elizabeth Warren’s Google problem, which received tremendous attention including an Instalanche and HotAir Headline.

We live in the age of coincidences.