Mike Lupica is a sports writer who now is a political columnist.  Lupica suffers from Keith Olbermann Disease.

Lupica hasn’t been mentioned much here, but we did call him out when he claimed that a Stop Obama sign was a call to violence based on race:

We are 100 yards, no more than that, from the front entrance to the school.

There is a stop sign here, and underneath the word “Stop” someone has spray-painted “Obama.”

Stop Obama.

Why has somebody done it? Because in the current climate, people have been convinced they can. Or, more likely, that they should….

This is no longer about political dissent. It is about storm trooper sound bites, and hate. This isn’t the kind of honest debate on which our system of government has been built. It is vile, back-alley fighting, getting worse by the day, with no end in sight. People say that opposition to all Presidents, even the most unpopular white ones, sounds like this. No, it doesn’t.

Now Lupica’s at it again (h/t reader Zach), The silent issue that could doom President Obama in 2012 election:

There will be so many things to talk about with Obama vs. Romney from here to  November, but the one that nobody will want to talk about very much in polite  society, even in what has a chance to be the meanest presidential campaign for  all times, is race.

It works against the President this time, in a big way.

Last time, there were just weren’t enough reasons for enough white voters to  vote against the black guy, as much as they wanted to. This time there are  plenty.

And please don’t believe a single poll on this issue.

No one wants to talk about race? Coulda fooled me.

Race is about the only thing (other than Bush) Obama supporters want to talk about.

It’s why we have had over 100 Saturday Night Card Games since August 8, 2009, when Oliver Willis wrote the lines which launched the game:

Steve Benen tries to understand just why wingnuts are so angry about health care reform. He doesn’t make bad points, but its so much simpler than that. We on the left think that rage has to be somewhat rational, for instance we raged about an unwarranted war. Why is wingnuttia so angry?

We elected a Democrat, and even worse, he’s black.

And it’s why the most recent Card Game, on May 26, 2012, was about Democrats claiming that the anti-Obama vote in the West Virginia, Kentucky and Arkansas Democrtic primaries was a result of racism.

In between those first and last Card Games there were hundreds of posts (not just Card Games) regarding the near constant claims that opposition to Obama was based at least in part on race.

Far from being the issue no one talks about, race is the issue that gets talked about by Obama supporters with great frequency because it distracts from Obama’s abysmal failure as a President.

Note to you:  “Failure” is not a race.