A number of readers have sent me links or images of a Father’s Day promotion Obama is running to scoop up e-mail addresses for fundraising.

Here’s an image sent by reader Bronwyn as it appeared at Real Clear Politics:

Reader John saw a simlar ad at The NY Times website, which links to this sign up page.  The page asks for your name, zip code and e-mail address in order to “sign” a Father’s Day card.  I’m not sure where that takes you, because I’m not giving them that information (although The Watchman probably already has it).

Do you find this a little creepy?  Using the kids to get names for a fundraising email list?

For whatever the reason, I thought of the words “Our Father Who Art In The White House” — and then I stumbled upon this video from 2009:

I think it’s time for a follow up to the The “best” “worst” Obama-adoring video Reader Poll, which excluded news videos.

So, give me your suggestions for the “best” “worst” Obama-adoring statement on television.  There must be a video link available

A few come to mind, but post all suggestions in the comments.