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Our father who art in the White House

Our father who art in the White House

A number of readers have sent me links or images of a Father’s Day promotion Obama is running to scoop up e-mail addresses for fundraising.

Here’s an image sent by reader Bronwyn as it appeared at Real Clear Politics:

Reader John saw a simlar ad at The NY Times website, which links to this sign up page.  The page asks for your name, zip code and e-mail address in order to “sign” a Father’s Day card.  I’m not sure where that takes you, because I’m not giving them that information (although The Watchman probably already has it).

Do you find this a little creepy?  Using the kids to get names for a fundraising email list?

For whatever the reason, I thought of the words “Our Father Who Art In The White House” — and then I stumbled upon this video from 2009:

I think it’s time for a follow up to the The “best” “worst” Obama-adoring video Reader Poll, which excluded news videos.

So, give me your suggestions for the “best” “worst” Obama-adoring statement on television.  There must be a video link available

A few come to mind, but post all suggestions in the comments.


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This is another great twitter hashtag moment in the Obama campgain. I just signed the card with the following information:

Name: Mitt Romney
Zip Code: 20500 (white house)
Email: [email protected].

While it is creepy, with a little creativity conservatives can have a lot of fun with this one…

Who’s yer daddy?

Obama plays by a completely different set of rules.

No discussion of Obama-adoring is complete without remembering Lee Cowan gushing to Brian Williams during the 2008 campaign.

My absolute favorite and it’s not well-known:

This excerpt from 60 Minutes of Katie Couric interviewng Robert Gates on Obama’s roll in capturing Bin Laden is the most insufferable two minutes you’ll ever listen to.

Katie, “you could see it in his face in that photograph” and “what was it like being near him in that room.”

I wouldn’t expect anything different from Couric but Gates lost my respect after this his performance.

Extra: “A gutsy call”

I am curious about how Obama uses his time. How many times has he had a press conference that left us with “What was that about?” or “Was it really necessary for him to tell us what he has already said for the umpteenth time?”. How much time spent on the basketball court and on the links? How much on vacations? How many times has he interjected himself into micro-issues while the macro ones have been going to, well, you know . . . And, of course, how much campaigning has he been doing these last 3 1/2 years?

I’ll give him his do and agree that none of these ought, necessarily, to be eliminated. Yet, when there are so many crises, how much of a president’s time ought rightfully be devoted to these activities?

Sorry. I have no vid, since I tend not to watch but very little MSM. Besides, I have a weak mind and I am fearful of watching too much of BO. I might become indoctrinated and turned to that, uh, unmentionable side.

I love this one from November 5, 2008 where an enthused woman talks about how Obama will save her!

Sadly – in this nation of moochers where we have rampant food inflation probably due to the fact that we now have half the country on food stamps since 2008- she may have been right to be so enthused!

LukeHandCool | June 14, 2012 at 2:21 pm

” … sort of God …”

Sort of?? Sort of??

I guess this was a shrewd political attempt at the lowered expectations game by sort of humanizing The One.

1. The Obama children have nice smiles in the image. Their parents have what I call, since this is a family-friendly site, sheet-beating grins. They look like employees before a performance review which they know they don’t deserve to survive.

2. By means both subtle and obvious, politicians encourage use of their titles—except when an election approaches. All of a sudden the President and the First Lady have become just-folks Barack and Michelle, Senator Brown has become my neighbor Scott, etc.

If he wanted the kids out of the line of fire, he shouldn’t have put them in there in the first place.

I signed mine as Karl Marx and email addy as [email protected]

btw – as soon as you send the greeting it immediately takes you to a fundraising page asking for your credit card info.