If you’ve passed up your chance to have “Dinner with Barack” or “Grab a Bite with Mitt,” don’t worry. Another celebrity is deigning to let you join her table. This time, it’s Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour who’s inviting you to join her and Sarah Jessica Parker on June 14 to help support Obama:

Someone, somewhere, must have done some market research that indicated, above all, Americans want to break bread with politicians, former terrorists–and fashion icons.

Mitt Romney has been offering “Grab a Bite with Mitt,” emulating the “Dinner with Barack” campaign tactic that he first debuted in the 2008 campaign and resurrected, although with less fanfare, for 2012.

While it might make sense for Barack Obama, who carefully cultivates a sense of celebrity around his brand, Mitt Romney certainly doesn’t have the same appeal.

And of course there was the infamous terrorist charity dinner with Bill Ayers attended by Tucker Carlson and Andrew Breitbart.

As a student of Russian history, I can tell you Obama and Bill Ayers aren’t the first. Josef Stalin was known for showing up at peasants’ homes just around dinner time to show he was “one of the people” too. That was after he had taken over their farms and confiscated their food.