Results just announced.  51.73% to 48.27.

You can watch Al-Jazeera English live stream.  You also can follow the #Egypt hastag on Twitter.

Now we’ll find out if they still plan on marching on Jerusalem.

Remember, when the protests against Mubarak broke out in January 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood said it would not run a presidential candidate in order to dupe Western useful idiots like The NY Times and the Obama administration into believing the revolution was heading someplace other than Islamist control.

We saw this coming back then, but the mainstream media fell in love again, and covered up what really was going on.

The story is not over, but it is written.

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UpdateAlert — there is a video uploaded to YouTube which has been embedded at many blogs which purports to be President-elect Mohamed Morsi leading a large crowd chanting about marching on Jerusalem.  While I can’t be postive, that looks like Cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi (referred to in some of my posts linked above) not Morsi.  Memri says it’s cleric Safwat Higazi at a Morsi campaign rally.  This doesn’t change the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, but it’s important to be accurate.


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