Elizabeth Warren still is hiding from Cherokees, the people she claims to be one of.

When a group of Cherokee women flew to Boston in the hope of meeting Warren to explain why her false claim to be Cherokee is so offensive, the Warren campaign said to media that it would have staffers meet with the Cherokees:

Late last [Sunday] night, a Warren campaign official told the Herald that staffers will “connect” and “offer to have staff meet with them.”

Yet the Warren campaign in reality had no such intention, that was just media spin.  In reality, the Warren campaign refused even to have staffers meet with the Cherokee women:

Via The Boston Herald:

Four Cherokee activists, who hoped to confront Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren over her Native American claims, are heading home today disappointed.

“It’s like we didn’t exist,” said Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes of the response they got this week from the Warren camp. She said the campaign never returned their calls despite a promise that staffers would meet with them.

But it’s not over, the Cherokees will be holding a fundraiser to bring a larger group back to Boston this summer and again for one of the debates in September:

The Cherokees, who come from Oklahoma, Oregon and Missouri, plan to start raising funds to bring a larger group out to Boston later this summer and in September for one of the Senate debates between Warren and U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

While neither Warren nor her staffers would meet with the Cherokees, Warren held fundraisers this week and today at 1:45 will have an online chat at The Boston Globe.  Anyone can pose questions although The Globe will screen them; I wonder if The Globe will allow questions about the Cherokee issue.

(video h/t American Glob)


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