As previously posted, Elizabeth Warren has a Google search bar auto-fill problem.  Almost every term which shows up in auto fill has to do with her Cherokee problem and claims to be minority and Native American.

But there is a solution.  Move to Japan.

Google Ordered to Remove Auto-complete Results for Japanese Man’s Name (emphasis mine):

Google has been ordered by a Tokyo court to remove auto-complete results that link a man to crimes he says he didn’t commit.

“The auto-complete function in Google’s search bar fills in crimes when my client’s name is entered,” said Tokyo lawyer Hiroyuki Tomita.

“He lost his job, and has had other job offers rescinded, likely because of this association.”

The search giant likely links the man’s name to the crime terms because a false story about him containing allegations apparently spread across various sites, which were then indexed by the search giant, Tomita said. The man says he has no knowledge of the types of crimes that appear.

Google did not respond to a request for comment on this case. The company has faced similar cases in other countries and has usually responded with the defense that it is not responsible for the results, as they are automatically generated, though this defense has not always succeeded. The company does screen some terms from its auto-complete feature, including pornographic words.

Oh wait; “didn’t commit.”

Her Google auto-fill search terms actually fit, so Google can’t be forced to acquit her.

Never mind.

Update:  I decided to see if Warren in fact did have a Google search bar auto-fill problem in Japan, and it appears she does in the general search bar (I couldn’t get the news search bar to auto fill):