You will remember the outrage which swept the airwaves when redistricting by the Republican legislature redistricted Allen West out of existence.  There was a heated dispute whether West was targeted or just the victim of circumstance dictated by law.

West ended up switching districts.

West discussed it recently, as reported by The Shark Tank:

During his most recent monthly town hall meeting in Broward County, Congressman Allen West confirmed and affirmed that state legislators, namely Republican lawmakers were out to ‘screw’ him.

I think everyone knows that Republicans did it- I really don’t care. I’m fine. No one ambushes me. -Congressman Allen West

West then added “you have to go ask the people in Tallahassee” after he was asked if  he knew why Republican state legislators tried to redistrict him out.

West is one of our focus races here, and is being targeted by a Dem SuperPAC as one of the Tea Party 10.