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FL-16 (Allen West) ’12

FL-16 (Allen West) ’12

Allen West (R) is a national target for Dems, including his nemesis Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, DNC Chair. Dems will pour millions into this race, and it is a must hold for us.

Allen West has moved to the newly resistricted Florida-16 district, after his prior district was carved up.  As usual, West has drawn the ire of national Democrats, and his nemisis, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


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I wish he was running for prez…’s another good video

Here is the really bad news … all FL conservatives need to rally around and put pressure not to approve the current redistricting maps.

It also shows the need for stronger conservatives at the state level, and the extent to which Democrats are manipulating independent redistricting laws much more heavily. Florida voted in the redistricting rules in 2010, a tea party year, by a wide margin but I don’t think any of the Repubs wanted this outcome.

Shark Tank is a great Florida politics site, by the way.