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A real “hmmmm” regarding Elizabeth Warren academic vetting

A real “hmmmm” regarding Elizabeth Warren academic vetting

I previously have posted about the excellent job Michael Patrick Leahy at has done bringing to light details of a scathing critique of Elizabeth Warren’s scholarship by a now-deceased Rutgers Law School professor:

The latest in Leahy’s series concerns something which may be just a coincidence, but maybe not, Did Breitbart Investigation Play Any Role in Sudden Resignation of UVA President?

As Leahy describes, just before the sudden, Sunday morning (June 10) resignation of Teresa Sullivan, a Warren co-author on the book in question and most recently President of the University of Virginia, Leahy and Sullivan were engaged in an exchange of letters and emails regarding the allegations of scientific misconduct made by the Rutgers professor.

Sullivan resigned just days after Leahy told Sullivan via email that her proof of vetting was not exculpatory and showed that a proper review never had taken place.  (Leahy has copies of the communications in his post.)

The Sunday morning resignation took Virginia by surprise, and has resulted in much speculation.  Neither Sullivan nor U.Va. have responded to Leahy’s inquiries since the resignation.

It may just be coincidence.  Do you believe in coincidences?


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want to buy a bridge Professor

No crying in baseball and no coincidences in politics. Here’s another rule to live by – no one “resigns” on a Sunday morning.

It was going to be a bad week so why not resign early and put it all behind one? Makes sense to me. That’s the “nice” thing to do, isn’t it?

I’m thinking Harvard has a greater tolerance for all manner of “diversity” than does UVA.

Sullivan’s departure was being discussed for quite some time. The timing of her resignation does indeed seem to be coincidental to the Leahy story.

In this instance I ordinarily would believe in coincidences, but for the response Sullivan sent Breitbart. It’s extraordinary that, in the midst of her battle with the Rector and the Board of Visitors, that Sullivan felt the need to respond to the revival of these charges.

Leahy has made a good start on his research, and now needs to respond to Sullivan. Happily, she’s gone on record with some specific comments whose veracity can be tested.

The drip, drip, drip of negative stories about Elizabeth Warren are just amazing. Elizabeth Warren makes it possible to do a post or two a week on her and show what a proudly unqualified candidate she is.

Given this U of Va. resignation , Wisconsin , The crumbling of the Holder stonewall , the growing disenchantment & distancing of left from the Annoited One : Are all these tires bouncing by coming from the wheels going off the Progressive Fraud ,Lie & Cheat Medicine Show Caravan? Yet more straws in the Wind?

1. It may just be coincidence. Do you believe in coincidences?

A good question for Anne to ask Elizabeth Warren.

2. I’m willing to believe in coincidences. The obvious interpretation of a coincidence is that…it is a coincidence.

The more coincidences that point in the same direction (without a comparable number in the opposite direction), the less I am willing to believe in coincidences.

3. “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times, it’s enemy action.”

radiofreeca | June 17, 2012 at 8:41 pm

To quote a cartoon from the 60s: “There’s no such thing as coincidences in auto-racing, Marigold”

Because don’t most high-powered executives at universities just roll out of bed on a Sunday morning, type up their resignation while the coffee’s brewing, and send it in?

In highly political environments like a university, I can’t imagine people not noticing if one of the executive staff suddenly stopped really caring about what would happen at the school next year, let alone 5 years – it’s just not possible to hide it that well.

Henry Hawkins | June 17, 2012 at 11:43 pm

If I had a child who claimed to be male but was female and claimed to be Cherokee but was white, he’d look like Elizabeth Warren.

There’s also the stonewalling to keep Michael Mann’s document secret. If she thought that wall was also crumbling …..

Captain Hate | June 18, 2012 at 9:30 am

I have a difficult time generating any sympathy for a college or university president. I’ve long maintained that, with rare exceptions, a high-priced hooker would be better placed in the office; the required skill sets are almost identical and at least the working girl looks like somebody you’d want to be with.