I don’t think we’ve had a boycott of an entire state in a while.

California was boycotted over Prop. 8, and so was Utah because it has a lot of Mormons.  There also was a Mormon boycott, a boycott of a hotel whose owner supported Prop. 8, and a boycott of gays going to work for a day.

California also boycotted Arizona over SB 1070.  And Connecticut for electing Joe Lieberman.

None those worked out very well.

So let’s try North Carolina:

The pro-hate vote in North Carolina is despicable, a throwback to the evil days of the past when “state’s rights” was used to support every form of bigotry, ignorance and hatred that came down the pike.

Don’t get sad. Get angry. So now, fight back. Hit them where it counts. In the wallet.

And it can easily be done.

Actually, no it can’t be easily done to a whole state.

Via Twitchy, the big guns are on it:

Why don’t you just act like the Rush boycotters, and pick on some isolated company, maybe an auto part store, or some hypersensitive big company, and threaten to smear them and chase away their customers, then pat yourselves on the back.

But a whole state?  Good luck with that.