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Wisconsin’s Walker and Kleefisch enter homestretch

Wisconsin’s Walker and Kleefisch enter homestretch

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) will face Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) in the general recall election on June 5, 2012, after both won primary recall elections in their respective parties. Walker previously defeated Barrett in the 2010 governor’s race by 5 percentage points.

Ballotpedia reports that incumbent Scott Walker received 96.9 percent of the vote in the Republican primary, or 613,597 votes. Tom Barrett received 58.1 percent in the Democratic primary, or 377,879 votes; union-picked far-left candidate Kathleen Falk received 34.2 percent. Wisconsin political commentator Charlie Sykes writes on the “very bad night for the unions”:

….Make that a very, very bad, actually horrible night. Not only did their handpicked candidate get crushed in the Democrats’ own primary — after unions dumped $4 million or more into her candidacy — but the vote had an unexpected twist: Even though he faced only token opposition, and despite some GOP crossovers to vote for Kathleen Falk, Governor Scott Walker got MORE votes than Tom Barrett and Falk COMBINED. How shocking was that?

Now, Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch will enter the homestretch to the June 5 recall election. While Walker has been successful in garnering national attention on his fight, Kleefisch’s lesser known battle needs just as much support.

Kleefisch faces challenger Mahlon Mitchell, head of the Wisconsin Firefighters union, in her recall battle.

Mitchell received 52.2 percent of the vote in his primary yesterday, or 384,208 votes. That is 6,329 more votes than Walker challenger Barrett and shows how contentious her fight will be.


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I’m wanting Walker to at least double his margin of victory over Barrett this time around from 5% to 10% or more. I don’t know how likely that is, but I’d sure like to see it happen.

    It’s important that Gov. Walker and the Wisconsin Republican Party and TEA Party voters now press hard and turn this upcoming vote into a blow-out in the June 5th recall.

    1.) Forcing the Democrat party and Unions to spend resources in Wisconsin prevents them from using those resources elsewhere in competitive races.

    2.) Blowing out Mayor Barrett in the recall will silence the Democrat party that has been screaming about Gov. Walker not following the “will of the people of Wisconsin” and if the Democrat party decides to try the recall tactic again, Gov. Walker can unload on them for being whiny cry-babies who don’t care about the state.

    3.) It will give a HUGE boost to the Wisconsin State Senate races and House races, likely restoring the Republican Majority, if not a super-majority. If that happens, the Democrat Senators lose their ONE remaining weapon (playing flea-bagger) in leaving the state to prevent quorum. If this occurs, the INSTANT that the new legislature is sworn in, Gov. Walker should RAM-ROD through every Conservative change he can muster so that they have time to set into stone.

[…] The Democrat who will run against Scott Walker in the June recall election will be Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee. […]

P.S. — Anne, I see you have re-gained your position in the “Other Contributors” section in the right margin. I’m glad your exile was short lived.

Anne Sorock | May 9, 2012 at 11:11 am

Haha thanks donb. It feels great to be back in the “right” margin.

I’ll send her some money next payday. Thanks for the update.

alan markus | May 9, 2012 at 11:28 am

Re: the Lt. Governor primary – I wish there had been an effort to advise Republicans that in that race there was a “protest candidate” (Isaac Weix) running in the Dem primary. I plead ignorance – after voting for Walker, when I got to the Lt. Gov. I picked Ira Robins (he looks and sounds like a fool – private investigator who tried to find evidence to exonerate Laurie “Bambi” Bembenek – Former Playboy Bunny/Police Officer who was convicted of killing her husbands (also a cop) ex-wife).

If Rebecca Kleefisch loses, it will be because the Republicans were too “nice” – a concerted effort could have turned that primary race upside down for the Democrats.

LukeHandCool | May 9, 2012 at 11:35 am

The final battle has yet to take place and already I smell napalm in the morning!

My relatives in Wisconsin(and there are a lot of them) are so sick of this fight, and they are ALL voting for Walker. Even my DEM relatives.

I think Walker is going to cream Barrett. Barrett has run Milwaukee into the ground, and if Walker’s team points that out, while showing Walker’s successes, this will be a cake walk.

Keep wasting money on this race, unions! It will mean less money in your coffers for the Presidential race.

The degree to which the public union’s candidate lost that primary is astounding. Kathleen Falk served as Dane County Executive for 14 years and lost Dane County to Barrett, 62%-31%. Dane County is ground zero for all things Lefty in Wisconsin. Madison Dems have always looked down there noses at Milwaukee. Having favored Barrett by such a margin over one of their own nobility when Barrett carries the absolute stink of being the king Dem of Milwaukee is significant. I wonder if the outside-Milwaukee Dems can hold their noses long enough to really support Barrett. Four weeks is a long time to hold your breath.

Had lunch with an uncle who always votes Democratic; he is also the town clerk and was involved with the counting of the ballots in our small town. He kept telling everyone, as if he couldn’t believe it. “There were more votes for Walker than all of the other Democrats! The Republicans didn’t have anything to vote for as Walker was basically unopposed.” This is a Democratic community!

huskers-for-palin | May 9, 2012 at 9:32 pm

Another clue….some of the Wisconsin lefty talkers can see the writing on the wall:{7157C5ED-FDA9-4BB2-B1D6-959F929B114C}&title=Madison-Radio-Host-Big-Labor-Allege-Barrett-Nixed-Unity-Rally

huskers-for-palin | May 9, 2012 at 9:33 pm{7157C5ED-FDA9-4BB2-B1D6-959F929B114C}&title=Madison-Radio-Host-Big-Labor-Allege-Barrett-Nixed-Unity-Rally

huskers-for-palin | May 9, 2012 at 9:36 pm

Another thing to look for is if the national unions and DNC start to pull out resources for other contests. Oh, they’ll kick a little into the kitty but only a “token” to save face.

Something to look for.