Via HotAir, a new poll out has Scott Walker up by 9 points in the Wisconsin recall against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, with almost no one undecided:

While other polls also show Walker in the lead, no one is suggesting that this race is anywhere near over. Walker only leads among self-described Independent voters by 47.6%-44.6%, and the underlying numbers seem fluid. Still, some of Walker’s detractors have been vocal about the fact that Walker was duly elected in 2010 and in most states would not be able to be challenged with a recall without greater cause. And a whopping 95% of those called said they plan to vote in the June 5th election which will have the national spotlight on it.

For now, that light is shining a bit brighter on Scott Walker.

If this trend holds up, it will fulfull the many predictions that once there was a name and a face on the Democratic ticket, the enthusiasm for recalling Walker would wane.  Tom Barrett just doesn’t appear to be that popular.

And more ominously for Democrats, the locals are griping about a lack of DNC support.

That’s not surprising.  The DNC is marshalling resources to help Obama.  Tom Barrett will have to wait.

Take nothing for granted.


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