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Perplexing strategy over at Young Guns Super PAC

Perplexing strategy over at Young Guns Super PAC

Young Guns Super PAC might need to adjust its “decision matrix.”

Chagrined after the Young-Guns-endorsed Lugar was defeated by challenger Mourdock, and then caught up in the messy ouster of the most conservative congressman in Illinois, Don Manzullo, they are now saddled with the news that “Young Gun 2010” Congressman Bob Dold is the new pet of Planned Parenthood:

The National Republican Congressional Committee supported Bob Dold’s 2010 campaign as one of its ostensibly conservative “Young Guns” candidates.  With this help from the NRCC, Bob Dold was elected to Congress.

On May 9, less than two years after this inflow of funds from the Republican Party, Representative Bob Dold (R-IL) introduced legislation protecting funding of Planned Parenthood.  This stands in stark contrast to legislation passed last year by the House seeking to eliminate all federal funding.  All but seven Republicans voted in favor of this ban.

Politico writes on the “unicorn”-like nature of Young Gun Bob Dold:

Rep. Bob Dold (R-Ill.) is something of a unicorn in the Republican party. He’s a pro-choice Republican who is now introducing legislation to protect Planned Parenthood from being cut out of federal funding.

Congressman Dold, who is facing a tough reelection after his suburban Chicago district was redrawn this past year, appears to be competing with his liberal opponent for democratic voters as he introduced legislation May 9 to protect funding for Planned Parenthood.

Lugar over Mourdock, the defeat of conservative Cong. Manzullo, and now their 2010 Young Gun Cong. Bob Dold introduces legislation to fund Planned Parenthood.

It seems as though Young Guns is aiming their ammunition at conservatives, not the real target.

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stevewhitemd | May 12, 2012 at 12:56 pm

The ouster of Mr. Mazullo was done by Adam Kinzinger (my current congressman, but due to redistricting I’m faced with being represented by Booby Rush). Mazullo is indeed conservative in the old-school sense, and he’s been in Congress for a while. Kinzinger is a ‘young gun’ by age (first-term, early 30s) and attitude, and he’s more pro-growth than Mazullo is. So I’m not surprised by the support Kinzinger received.

Mr. Mazullo should not take this as a loss but as an opportunity. For example, he could consider a run against Governor Quinn in 2014 — I’d vote for Mazullo in a second in such a match-up.

Dold is in a tough situation: he’s a RINO in a swing district. He’s one of the pink-purple RINOs you have to tolerate if you’re going to get a majority and in some ways is similar to Scott Brown. A more ‘red’ Republican doesn’t have a chance in that district, especially with redistricting. I agree the PP funding is bad, but my guess is Dold is doing this to curry favor at home, knowing it goes nowhere in the House.

I’ve tried to figure any possible way this outfit is trying to do right…

I got nothin’…

This kind of conduct is nuts.

I emailed them my protest to their support of Luger and received the following reply: “Sandra – Thanks for the note. The YG Action Fund did not get involved in that race. We predominantly focus on House races.” Not so sure I believe them!

Subotai Bahadur | May 12, 2012 at 1:33 pm

First order conclusions from the evidence presented so far. Rebuttable by a change in conduct:

1) The YOUNG GUNS is objectively working for the Enemy, under cover of being on our side.

2) Given the known habits of the Institutional Republicans to use this tactic, it would behoove Patriots to not only cease contributing to YOUNG GUNS, but also to actively spread the word about their suspected hostility to the Patriot cause.

3) Take note publicly that if Eric Cantor maintains connections with YOUNG GUNS and they continue to objectively work for the benefit of the Enemy, that such connection definitely reflects on him.

Speaking personally, there are other “Super-PAC’s” in existence whose aims are less questionable. I offer for the consideration of the Insurrectionistas the CAMPAIGN FOR PRIMARY ACCOUNTABILITY.

I have no financial interest in this group, however I have corresponded with the founder, Leo Linbeck III, over the last several years at BELMONT CLUB and watched him take on the Enemy in fields far beyond blogging. I trust him.

They are taking on RINO’s on the Republican side, and active Enemies in the Left in the primary processes where they are most vulnerable. They have had a hand in several Patriot victories this cycle.

Subotai Bahadur

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | May 12, 2012 at 1:34 pm

When the YG Super PAC was out fundraising, they presumably provided potential donors with a general framework of how to expect the money they donated would be disbursed.

If the donors are now disappointed with how their money is being spent, the YG’s are going to feel it in their future fundraising efforts.

I could be wrong, but the YG’s Super PAC is so young and its initial fundraising so recent, it’s hard for me to believe that the donors who contributed to it are being blindsided by how the money has been disbursed so far. If the contributors are disappointed in how the money is being doled out, then I doubt the YGs Super PAC has much of a future.

3)” Take note publicly that if Eric Cantor maintains connections with YOUNG GUNS and they continue to objectively work for the benefit of the Enemy, that such connection definitely reflects on him.”

Exactly. Cantor could be on the outside looking in. The grassroots has no trouble in working to replace these RINOS.

1. Perplexing Suspicious strategy over at Young Guns Super PAC

Fixed it for you, Anne.

The support of Lugar, alone, should arouse suspicions.

Is Cantor cultivating a conservative facade while letting Boehner take the heat for various compromises? Maybe it’s too soon to draw conclusions, but it’s not too soon to ask the question.

RINOs getting ahead by pretending to be conservative? I’m shocked, shocked.

Cantor controls this group-you haven’t heard him deny it,have you?

He’s Boehner Lite, if you ask me.

I used to like Cantor and thought he should be Speaker. No more. He is no better than Boehner who I despise. And McConnell is just as bad. Why are they our leaders? Why not Chafetz [Speaker] or Thune [ Senate Majority Leader]? WHY NOT???

What about the “House Conservatives Fund”

Over in the Senate I had heard ‘the leadership’ read the riot act to Jim Demint for running a conservative candidate against an incumbent “R”.

Add that to ‘Looking for Self-Financing Candidates like the California fiasco. ?