The Young Guns Action Fund, run by allies of Eric Cantor and to which Cantor has contributed, has committed $100,000 to supporting Dick Lugar.

I like Cantor, and have always supported him, but the Young Guns are way off the mark on this one and should follow the lead of American Action Network and pull out of the Indiana Senate primary race.

Politico has a copy of one of the mailers paid for by the Young Guns, and it is even worse than the other mailers sent by Lugar.  While Lugar’s mailers were merely personal attacks on Mourdock, the Young Guns mailer pushes a big-federal-goverment agenda and demonizes those who recognize that the experiment of a federal education bureaucracy has failed.

Here’s one of the panels from the mailer (the others are at the Politico link):

Tell the Young Guns to drop their weapons against Mourdock.

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