That seems to be the attitude of Massachusetts Democrats, as reported by The Boston Herald:

Bay State Democrats are standing by their woman, saying they’re confident in embattled Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren — now three weeks into a persistent scandal over her claims of Native American heritage — though critics say she’ll arrive at her party’s state convention next month battered by it.

“This is a race that is a dead heat,” said state Democratic Party chairman John Walsh, citing a recent poll and insisting the flap has had no effect on Warren’s standing as the party’s front-runner. He said no one is talking about replacing her. “It’s not a sentiment that is out there at all.”

“The Democratic Party is really stuck,” countered University of New Hampshire political science professor Andrew Smith. “They essentially cleared the path for her as a candidate, and they can’t get rid of her now. She could conceivably drop out, but I doubt that will be the case, and I doubt the party will try to push her aside.”

Being stuck in Elizabethville is neither literally nor figuratively correct.

First, there is another Democratic candidate, Marisa DeFranco.  Second, as Ed Morrissey points out, since when have Democrats bothered with rules; just massage the process to give someone else a chance to run.

Massachusetts Democrats need to understand that the Cherokee issue is not going to go away:

Even though the questions on her ancestry won’t go away, Elizabeth Warren  continues to ignore the fact that this is an issue that we would like her to  address. I guess we Cherokees, the very people she claimed to be, don’t really  matter to her unless she can use us to get what she wants out of life. I have  thought about what she needed to say to end this matter. I wondered if she could  end this and manage to get out of it gracefully and with some dignity intact. I  believe she could have, had she have dealt with this immediately, but she  didn’t….

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Warren continues to see her false claims of Indian  ancestry as a non-issue. Because of this, I have no option but to continue to  condemn both her claim and her failure to acknowledge that she has insulted and  disrespected the Cherokee people, the Native American population and the  American public.

There is more to come.  Trust me on that one.

Update:  You know she’s in trouble when she’s losing Boston Magazine, Elizabeth Warren: The Cherokee Fable That Won’t Go Away:

If Warren doesn’t somehow own up, this mess, and not just her recipes in Pow Wow Chow, may leave a bad taste in voters’ mouths in November … if she makes it that far. It is on the verge of becoming part of how voters internalize her persona, like when Martha Coakley called Curt Schilling a Yankee fan. It showed that Coakley was clueless and a bit of a detached elitist. That’s what is now at stake for Warren.


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