Now the Obama marketing team is enticing donors with the opportunity to name put your name on a stock car:


Congressman G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina writes:

Regardless of whether you have had an opportunity to see a race on TV or experience the roar of a stock car engine in person, the 2012 Democratic National Convention has found a way for you to be a part of the racing tradition.

This seems like an odd audience to reach out, given that time the crowd booed Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. 

But a study released in July 2011 by Professor Tim Groseclose of UCLA finds that the split between Democratic and Republican Nascar fans isn’t as one-sided as you might expect:

Of these NASCAR followers, 30.08% identified themselves as Republicans and 29.83% as Democrats.

So perhaps the Obama team has identified an opportunity segment. They’re not the first-to-market on this battleground, however. It seems the Obama campaign is truly “going green” — as in recycling old ideas. American Majority, an organization that recruits and trains citizen activists, already had this idea a couple of months ago as part of their voter education effort:

The program is designed to target millions of NASCAR fans from all political backgrounds in an unprecedented effort to engage them in the electoral process.  Having teamed up with NASCAR driver Jason Bowles and car #81 MacDonald Motorsports for the 2012 NASCAR Nationwide Series racing season, the American Majority Racing program is designed to educate Americans about how smaller government and less spending will “Keep America Free.”

What would you name an Obama racecar? Especially given the news Monday of their campaign slogan, “Forward?”