Elizabeth Warren and her campaign have been pushing the sexism-card very hard to try to deflect the dialogue about her self-identification as Native American, as status which has not been proven even to the 1/32nd degree.

I mentioned yesterday how a law professor at Syracuse University played the “birther” and race cards on those questioning Elizabeth Warren’s questionable explanation that she identified herself as minority in a law faculty directory so that she could meet others like her.

The attempt to turn this into a race issue was not isolated. In this segment Jehmu Greene, a long time Democratic Party operative and strategist, spun the sexism card very hard, but also threw in the race card by asserting that Scott Brown needed to appeal to “white male working class voters who feel marginalized because of affirmative action,” and then called Tucker Carlson a “bow-tying white boy,” via Mediaite:

“You see Scott Brown really questioning her qualifications because he has to appeal to white, working-class voters who feel marginalized because of affirmative action,” said Greene. “This smells real stank to women who do not like being called on their qualifications.”

Carlson and Kelly continued to laugh off the episode. “It’s so offensive and dumb,” said Carlson of Warren’s response to the controversy. “But leaving that aside, it does provide a window into a system that is fundamentally corrupt that awards people based on their DNA.”

Greene said that questioning Warren on her qualifications, as she insists Brown has done in the wake of this controversy, “is going to appeal to folks like you, voters like you: bow-tying white boys.”

The comment is at 3:25 in the video:

Kelly later apologized.

The defense of Elizabeth Warren is like a box of chocolates, each time someone defends her, you never know what you’re going to get.


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