Via The Daily Mail (Britain):

Police chiefs have banned the word ‘blacklist’ over fears it is racist.

They have also struck out its opposite – ‘whitelist’ – which is used by IT workers for a list of acceptable email contacts.

Scotland Yard employees have been told to use ‘red’ and ‘green’ instead.

The move baffled officers, who said it would do little to help the force emerge from its latest racism crisis.

Thirteen reports of racism, involving 27 officers and staff, are being probed by the Met and the independent police watchdog.

One officer said: ‘Frankly we all sigh when things like this come around. Lots of good work is done to make sure policing reaches into all parts of society and helps the most vulnerable. This is not it.’ …

The measure is part of a drive by police chiefs to stamp out racism within the force. But officers within the organisation are said to have described the latest orders as ‘bizarre’.

Anyone using the term “blacklist” will now be called an “illegal blacklister.”  No, can’t say that.

Will be deemed a black sheep of the police force.  Don’t go there.

Will enter a career black hole.  Aaaahhhh!

Will be accused of spouting gobbledygook.  No, that’s off limits.

Will be written up on disciplinary charges printed on white paper.   Damn, that’s off limits too.

Will be asked to rejigger their language.  Oh wait.

Will be reassigned to the secret, um, agent force.  Yeah, that’s the ticket, just make sure they use proper pronunciation.

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