As expected, Newt suspended the campaign today.

Here’s the full video (via ElectAd).

If you want, jump ahead to 3:45 when he starts giving shout outs to other candidates and then turns to his view on the campaign and the future.

Money line (17:45):  “This is a choice between Mitt Romney and the most radical leftist president in American history.”

Update:  I completely disagree with the criticism Newt is getting for structuring his support for Romney by comparison to Obama.  What was Newt supposed to do, get up there and pronounce Romney a great conservative?  Would that have been credible?  No, people who doubt Romney’s conservative bona fides will vote for him because he is not Obama.  That is the audience Newt was addressing, and that is the audience which needs to be motivated to turn out in big numbers.


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