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Network shamelessly produces campaign advertisement

Network shamelessly produces campaign advertisement

Here it is:

(What’s fair now is fair, so save the phony outrage)


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They’re starting early. REALLY early. Interesting.

LukeHandCool | May 30, 2012 at 6:43 pm

If we could just bring Eisenhower or Patton back to life for a few minutes and show them this … I can just imagine the four-letter-word strings.

Fox’s Anti Obama Ad is Sweet…

The other day on local news they listed some holiday weekend gas prices, started @ $3.79 in MI .. listed a few more spots around the country till they got to $3.40 , where they declared this was downright cheap ~ $3.40 is CHEAP?

-Hell NO!

    OcTEApi in reply to OcTEApi. | May 30, 2012 at 7:11 pm


    Remember those eco-friendly hydraulic drive UPS trucks developed by the EPA and touted as using 40 to 50 percent less fuel than conventional diesel trucks while reducing carbon emissions by one third.

    Well I got a buddy who is a test track driver for those very systems at the proving grounds, he say’s they are failing so massively that they are ending the testing.
    Not technology is feasible for large scale production.

      OcTEApi in reply to OcTEApi. | May 30, 2012 at 7:20 pm

      Technology is not feasible for large scale production.

      Hydraulic systems fail, blowouts leaving huge splotches of fluid on the road.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to OcTEApi. | May 31, 2012 at 7:30 am

    It was NOT an anti-Obama ad. Ads usually have no present context, sometimes. Fox’s review of the meaning of the Obama slogan of Hope & Change was prompted by Obama’s own decision to regurgitate his old slogan. Fox, in a bit of fact checking, looked at the consequences arising from Obama’s election/use of Hope & Change to propel him to the WH. They found what we all know to be true: a series of negative changes that has slowly been robbing the country of hope. If the video is anti-Obama, then it is incidental to the genuine journalistic ethic behind it,

    To say that Fox ran an anti-Obama ad is to demean the intention of the network and the people behind the ad.

1. Obama takes after the uncle who liberated the Polish concentration camps.

2. By the way, the Dow was down 160 today.

    OcTEApi in reply to gs. | May 30, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    DOW has crashed 1000pts in the last month
    crickets from the MSM

    The Peter Morenci economist guy recently said unemployment would actually be around 11 possibly 14 percent if Obama admin and DOL were not fudging the numbers.

Oh, the outrage of the left… is side splitting!

The F&F’s Then and Now Video has been safely tucked away in thousands of computers now. No stopping it.

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casualobserver | May 30, 2012 at 7:15 pm

Since GWB entered the WH, it’s my impression that NBC and its affiliates are not only shameless, but rather proud to be outwardly supportive of the left.

BannedbytheGuardian | May 30, 2012 at 7:23 pm

Across USA & similar countries units are in constant state of preparedness for various outcomes. .

They get heightened states of readiness & maybe they get Up & Go or mostly go back to amber status.

This Political Party t Victory Parade would not be tolerated elsewhere. As ordinary as most people are most realize these things are not driven from a “Siuation Room” but evolve & are enacted elsewhere.

It is fear and anger the Left feels. And, it creeps towards them like The Plagues of Egypt. Their grip is failing …their fall proclaimed.

What I find amusing is Brian Williams, a college drop up, actually thinks people have gotten stupider in the last 3.5 years.

I say this as someone who used to really respect Brian Williams, now I see him as nothing but an ignorant wanna be walter cronkite. I couldn’t give a crap what this man says or thinks or “reports”.

These people are so in the tank, and apparently don’t realise that independents like me have caught on. Their job is to question and probe whoever is in power, not only when conservatives or repubs are in power, which is all they seem to do. The double standard is soooo thick.

Stupid ignorant MSM.

David Ignatius writes in the WaPo …

As an intelligence operation, it must have seemed like pure genius: Recruit a Pakistani doctor to collect blood samples that could identify Osama bin Laden’s family, under cover of an ongoing vaccination program. But as an ethical matter, it was something else.

The CIA’s vaccination gambit put at risk something very precious — the integrity of public health programs in Pakistan and around the globe. It also added to the dangers facing nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in a world that’s increasingly hostile to U.S. aid organizations.

In their rush to take credit, President Obama’s “gutsy call” has put doctors working for NGOs at a greater risk than he or Seal Team 6 may have taken.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Neo. | May 31, 2012 at 8:02 am

    Let them turn away US medical professionals. The ones from China spend 3 minutes per patient, do no physical exam besides the pulse and a look at the tongue, and prescribe. If you don’t have money you don’t get treated. So sorry.

    Still, Obama is a vainglorious idiot who cares only for himself.

Dueling Ignoramuses?

Barack Obama, WHO KILLED BIN LADEN BTW, enjoys picking who lives and dies and enjoys sending drones to do the job.

at least Romney gets it, Mccain never did.

GO Mr. Mittens!

    Juba Doobai! in reply to alex. | May 31, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Meh! He’s taking a page from Palin’s book. One of these days, he will get over the guilt he feels for siccing his dogs on her and will openly acknowledge that she and her supporters are necessary for him to win. Until then, he’s aping moves she’s made and hoping we get suckered into believing he’s the real deal.

When is someone going to bring a network up on charges with the FEC over In Kind donations to the Democrat party? Specifically the Obama Reelection campaign. Or to some has been tv host/comic? (Dave I’m looking at YOU)

    Milhouse in reply to jakee308. | May 31, 2012 at 7:17 am

    Um, have you not heard of Citizens United? This is an independent expenditure. It’s coordinated with the White House, of course, but not with the 0bama campaign. Or at least you can’t prove otherwise. And of course the same goes for the FOX ad that Prof Jacobson alludes to. It’s FOX’s own speech, not the Romney campaign’s, so it’s not a donation and is protected by the first amendment.

No outrage. You haven’t heard from me yet this evening because I had to spend a few hours cleaning some of my brains off the ceiling right after I read this…

“Behind these doors that no media has ever been allowed to breach lies our talking points of the greatest, bravest President ever! It’s awesome that we got a peek so it’s natural that we’re peeing on ourselves.”

Watch NBC

I don’t think that any news organization should pretend to be unbiased. It’s dishonest. Everybody’s biased.

Should news organizations be thorough and tell the whole story? Ideally, yes. Should they be fair? Yes. Honest? Yes. Professional? Yes.

Neutral? No.

Be upfront with your bias and let the chips fall where they may.

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That funny feeling that runs up a marxists leg is defeat.