I just want to get this straight.

Everyone knew Obama supported gay marriage, but didn’t say so when campaigning for president in 2008 and 2012 for political reasons.

Everyone knew the “evolving” meme was BS, Obama was just waiting for the right moment, preferably after re-election.

Everyone knew that Obama was under intense pressure from pro-gay marriage fundraisers and bundlers, and that his campaign was way behind the goal of reaching $1 billion as the general election just got started.

So Obama rolls out a half-measure that he “personally” thinks gay marriage should be legal, but that it should be up to the states to decide … um, isn’t that how it is now?

California decided, but the federal judiciary intervened.  North Carolina decided, and as of this moment the Democrats still are having their national convention there.  Over 30 states have decided against gay marriage, and a small number in favor (via the judiciary or legislature).

That is the status quo gay marriage supporters detest, yet they are cheering Obama’s endorsement of the status quo as if it were a watershed moment.

Don’t you get it by now? It’s all about him.

Here’s my take, #LandOfTheGullible:


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