A number of readers forwarded me the link to an article about Scott Brown’s demand that Harvard correct its filings with the Labor Department to remove Elizabeth Warren’s listing as a Native American.  Reader Tom wrote:


Senator Brown’s now taking on HARVARD in his campaign. It’s become middle America vs. the Elites – pass the popcorn!

“She falsely described herself as a minority and some of the schools where she worked relied on that information to misrepresent the diversity of their faculty,” Brown said in a statement. “I call on Harvard President [Drew] Faust to immediately correct the record with the relevant federal agencies and uphold Harvard’s 400-year-old tradition of abiding by the truth.” . . . .

“Today, Brown shot back: “I’m highly offended that Elizabeth Warren would accuse me of attacking her family when I have not done nothing of the kind. To make that kind of wild and baseless charge is disturbing.”

Damn, he’s a good campaigner.


It was a very good article, giving Brown a fair shot at Harvard and Warren.  I even received a call from a reporter for another newspaper requesting my comment about the Brown criticism of Harvard.

I saved the link to post later in the day, since I already had put up a post this morning, Elizabeth Warren listed as “woman of color” in Harvard student journal in 1993.

The original still is in Google Cache:

The Globe’s own search index shows the original title of the article:

But when I went to the link this afternoon just before 4 p.m., the url. directed to a post in which Boston Mayor Tom Menino was defending Warren!

Here’s the new headline and introductory text:

Mayor Menino criticizes focus on Elizabeth Warren’s heritage

On a day when Senator Scott Brown sought to fan further questions about Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage, Mayor Thomas M. Menino, who has not been shy about praising Brown, made clear he is fed up with the issue.

“I think she has come clean but nobody has let her off the hook,” Menino said. “It’s not relevant at all in the campaign. Let’s talk about the real issues: education, housing, crime. Those are the real issues we should be talking about. This is one of the issues that you [use to] try to divert as a candidate because you can’t deal with the real issues.” ….


The Globe went from a widely circulated post hammering Warren, to a post in which Warren vigorously was defended and Brown derided for raising a non-issue — without any notice to readers of what had happened.

As of this writing (4 p.m. Eastern) the post had been shared several hundred times, most of which almost certainly came before the switchover at 2:24 p.m.:

The Globe now has an AP article, which the Globe posted under a separate url. which as of this writing has not been shared or commented on.

This is the sort of thing which gives the media a bad name.  If The Globe wanted to deep six the original post, it should not have done a complete substitution, particularly since it went from hitting Warren to defending her.  And even if it were to do such a thing, there should have been a notice.

All of the many hundreds of people who shared the original post because they thought it was critical of Warren were made unwitting dupes to a defense of Warren by Tom Menino.


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