Today’s is the 64th anniversary of Israel’s founding.

Against seemingly insurmountable odds, Israel survived the War of Independence, and then some.  Now it is engaged in an existential struggle with the Islamists of every persuasion and location, and their anti-Israel allies in NGO’s, “peace” groups, academia, the media, and boycotters of every stripe.

There’s a lot that could be written about why Israel fights.

I’ve pointed out that anti-Semitism and brutality live on in the Arab world as fiercely as ever, manifested in Tahrir Square and the streets of Tunisia in what mistakenly is described as a “spring.”  In fact, it is a darkness as old as recorded mankind.

We know the fate of the Israelis should Israel not fight, or fight unsuccessfully.

So Israel fights on, and celebrates its 64th birthday.  Because there is no alternative.