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Thank you, Newt

Thank you, Newt

Newt Gingrich will be exiting the race next week.  Newt not only will endorse Mitt Romney for President, Newt will pledge to work without rest to defeat Obama.

Is there anyone Romney would rather have on his side than Newt?

Oh yes, Newt will go there so that Romney doesn’t have to.  Newt will speak the truth about Obama in language and with a clarity a nominee can’t in the age of the Obama-adoring mainstream media.

Before Newt turns to that other role, I wanted to thank Newt for his campaign, a campaign I endorsed on November 16.

Newt pursued that impossible dream with a joie de vivre rarely seen in a political candidate.

Was there anyone on the campaign trail who had more fun? Who spoke of what America can do in more glorious terms than Newt?  Who reminded us of what we once were and what we can be more poetically than Newt?

Newt started his climb to the top in the fall with a positive message, and a relentless refusal to attack other Republicans.

It was an improbable climb, and one which could not last for a variety of reasons.

Those who nurtured their decades-old grudges and sought to belittle Newt actually belittled themselves.  That so many of them to this day cannot resist getting in their parting shots is a sad commentary on their commentaries.  The Republican and conservative media Lilliputians managed to tie Newt down, but that did not make them giants.

Without Newt in the campaign there would have been no campaign.

I came to respect Governor Perry tremendously, but his campaign likelihood of success ended before it could begin.  Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann and some others never were going to be the nominee, although they deserve credit for trying.  Rick Santorum made the most of it, but he was not a national figure of the stature of Newt or Romney.

Newt made the likelihood of defeating Barack Obama all the greater.  Newt and Newt alone forced Romney to become a better candidate, to stop hiding from the media, to hone his message — and yes, to perfect his ability to attack.

Would the Mitt Romney of November 2011 stand as good a chance of winning in November 2012 as the Mitt Romney of April 2012?

As Newt turns the page, he deserves our praise and thanks.  I hope that we as a party are big enough for that.

So thank you, Mr. Speaker.  Onward.


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“I hope that we as a party are big enough for that.”

I hope we as a movement…which is FAR greater than the GOP…are big enough for that.

Some will have to come along later, apparently, if they have the rocks to come along at all.

Klein is still reciting the shibboleth about Newt “attacking the Ryan plan”, for instance. Somebody needs to whack these guys with a clue-bat.

    persecutor in reply to Ragspierre. | April 26, 2012 at 9:03 am

    I’d like to see Newt lead a conservative movement that candidates come to woo, rather than just expect that we’re hard up and will go with anyone.

    I lost respect for him when I saw the loveseat commercial with the Wicked Witch of the West and regained it when he admitted he goofed when he did it, and moved away from the green boondoggle.

    Lead on,Newt. I’m with you.

Newt did us all a favor really..including Romney. And sure it may not have been his intention. But Newt actually vetted Romney in many ways. He asked and commented on some of the same stuff we see Obama using against Romney today. Whether we agree with how Newt did this the point is Romney is a better prepared candidate today.
If I were Romney Id sure want Newt out there on my team thats for sure. The guy still gets media attention and may help Romney take on Obama from different directions/levels.
Perhaps Newt..and this would be wise of Romney, will become Romneys Axe man as we see with Obama.

    persecutor in reply to jimzinsocal. | April 26, 2012 at 9:04 am

    I hope he does and that Mittens doesn’t apologize and repudiate every controversial thing Newt says about Dear Leader.

    LukeHandCool in reply to jimzinsocal. | April 26, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Newt did a great service. His example of how not just to push back against the media, but to use perfectly pertinent facts, examples, and anecdotes to mock their premises and help reframe the issues is something the GOP must take to heart.

    He showed how a devastating dismissal of a liberal media tenet can simultaneously excite the base and wake up independents to the biased conventional wisdom of today’s journalists.

Outstanding!!! Instead of bemoaning Newt’s exit, what a gracious way of thanking Newt for his contribution. With Gretchen hope, others will now focus on the fight.

Now is the time to Marshall or passion, to put aside differences and set our course. May we all work together to remove a proven failure, and unleash the American spirit of free enterprise.

And before anyone calls me a mitt-head, know this: Mitt was never my top choice, my second choice, or even third. But I fight with what I have and fight I shall.

DocWahala, father of two boys, seven and three… Fighting so they can have the America I was proud to serve, and become all they dream and never fear being demonized for their success.

I couldn’t agree with you more, Professor!

Afterthought: Who better to sell campaign issues than Newt? The “explainer” if you will. Newt has the absolute gift of resonating with voters on the basic issues facing us this Fall.
Government Centered Society? Or a society that that returns to the values that make us great.

I hope Newt gets a TV show….on CNN! Who would be better equipped to teach moderates and libs about Conservative values?

Great post! Newt deserves our respect and I will still proudly vote for him when my primary rolls around on June 5th!

That said, the actions of the GOP establishment this election cycle has sickened me. From Fox News to National Review to Republican politicians. All they care about is their establishment instead of actually promoting the ideas of small government, individual liberty and free markets. Cantor’s Young Guns PAC even just gave money to Lugar!

Because of this, I am saying screw you to the Republican Party and I am going to vote for Gary Johnson, a 2 term Republican Governor with an excellent record of cutting taxes and spending.

    I am so disgusted w the GOP and how Romney bought the nomination I may join you in voting for Johnson.

    I was a Johnson supporter until I read this at his site (boldface mine):

    Given trillion-dollar deficits, America simply cannot afford to be engaged in foreign policy programs that are not clearly protecting U.S. interests. There is nation-building and rebuilding to be done right here at home.

    Our military should remain the most potent force for good on Earth. To do this, we should resort to military action as the last option and only as provided in the Constitution.

    This strikes me as doubletalk. Does he or does he not advocate downsizing the military and its budget? If so, what should be cut and how much?

      He is just saying that he will cut the military but he won’t absolutely gut so it loses its ability to be effective. There is a huge gap between the US (#1) and China (#2). We spend over half a trillion more per year. And in terms of % of GDP we are more that double. We spend 4.7% of GDP while they spend 2%. So we can cut quite a bit and still be “the most potent” and he is being entirely consistent.

    I’m with you on that one. Basically all this shows is that the GOP elite will get what they want at any cost. You have GOP politicians openly hostile to the Tea Party and people with Libertarian ideals (Hatch) Screw them…if they don’t want us, they have no business telling us that me HAVE to vote for Romney.
    Here in my State, there is a snowballs chance in hell that Obama will win (AR). Why “waste” my vote on Romney?

Sigh…it should’ve been Newt.

It will be an uneasy alliance. Not so much between Mitt and Newt but, between the professional RINO machine and Newt. As Sarah found these “professional” campaign folks are outright hostile to conservative/TP people. Romney needs Newt as an inroad to keep the con/TP people in the game. This will bear out in the platform committees. Will the Repubs push out the right (and I detest that term in its meaninglessness)? Dick Armey and Freedom works can work with Newt but there is some discord between Dick and Newt going all the way back to saving Clinton’s bacon. Popcorn anyone?

DINORightMarie | April 26, 2012 at 9:47 am

Newt as VP? Doubtful, but intriguing though! 🙂 Certainly an effective attack dog!!

Thank you, Professor, for acknowledging the obvious: no one in this race articulated Conservatism better; no one was more able to rouse the crowds and literally get them to their feet; and, perhaps more importantly, no one had or has a better, specific, clearly outlined plan on the issues that face our nation after this disastrous regime came to power. (That video was a perfectly encapsulated reminder – a much-needed shot in the arm!)

If Romney was wise (and didn’t listen to the establishment), then he would take up Newt’s flat tax plan, his Social Security reform plan, his plans on which bureaucratic departments and agencies to close, downsize and/or privatize, as well as dismiss federal justices who are not following the Constitutional oath they take (as he said he would, like Jefferson, of the 9th Circuit).

Well, I know Mittens won’t, but I hope he will, somehow, get the picture that his current “plans” and proposals are inadequate, too similar to the liberal progressives’, and woefully inadequate do the job necessary to change course and correct our decline.

The House and Senate will need to propose these bold changes, and hold Mittens’ feet to the fire to NOT go squishy moderate on our nation, in perhaps her time of greatest need.

And We the People also need to be ever diligent. Especially since we KNOW the leftists will NEVER, NEVER give up or given in.

Snakes, that’s what leftist/progressives are. Chameleon-snakes.

Mr. Jacobson…. I must admit to being a bit disappointed. I’ve been a long time reader and will remain so, but your willingness to join in the silent treatment of Ron Paul is very disappointing. You may not agree with his positions on liberty, free markets and unconstitutional wars; you may find that being conservative to that degree is too Constitutional for your taste. I understand; millions of Democrats AND Republicans feel the same way about liberty– it’s not their job or concern, it’s up to the Federal folks to decide how much freedom we should be allowed for our own safety.

By ignoring the Ron Paul campaign, which recently won more Minnesota and Iowa delegates than Romney and was ignored by all, you ignore the millions of people who have moved further politically to the right than we conservatives had a right to expect. You also run the risk of being seen as partisan and not particularly friendly toward conservative thinking.

The only candidate generating ANY enthusiasm for their policies and values is Ron Paul. He is the only remaining Republican candidate who can speak ‘conservative’ without notes or pauses to remember the right words. He is the only candidate that has produced and presented an economic plan to balance the budget within 4 years, has been ignored at a time when this republic, nay this nation, is in peril of it’s very existence.

And the only candidate for president that is speaking truthfully and honestly about our options is denied by the gate-keepers on both the right and the left. A sad commentary and one of the many reasons I’ve lost faith in the GOP.

Newt is one of those characters who can be entertaining, inspiring, and completely infuriating–all in one sentence. I am glad he realizes it is over.

Newt now has the advantage of being able to speak freely about Obama without fearing losing votes. He could be Romney’s most powerful weapon.

Well said, Professor.
Well said.

Cassandra Lite | April 26, 2012 at 10:05 am

“Newt made the likelihood of defeating Barack Obama all the greater.”

Mostly true…except for the soundbites from Newt criticizing both Romney and Ryan that will show up in Obama ads in direct proportion to the visibility of both men on the campaign trail.

    Hopefully there will be political Jujitsu in the attacks that can be turned back on the attacker, in the general vein of:
    MSM: “Newt, on the campaign trail you said X about Gov. Romney, now you support him, isn’t that dishonest?”
    Newt: “Yes, I said X about Romney, but Obama has not only 10X, but also Y, and Z and …..”

      Cassandra Lite in reply to georgfelis. | April 26, 2012 at 2:57 pm

      More people will see the DNC/Obama ads with the Newt soundbites than will see him answer such questions (which he probably won’t be asked anyway, given that the MSM knows how far he’d swat the answers).

Thanks for the post and my personal thanks to Speaker Gingrich as well. He stayed in despite the media and RNC establishment demanding he drop out. He basically gave them the finger.

Early voting started in Indiana and I proudly voted for Gingrich yesterday morning as well as Richard Mourdoch who is the Tea Party conservative running against 80 year old Lugar who is Obama’s favorite Republican for the Indiana Senate seat. Last poll had Mourdoch ahead by 1. I also voted for Mike Pence for Governor.

Palin and Gingrich will undoubtedly be pushing Romney over the finish line but they will likely get little credit. I can’t imagine to know what makes a person buy a presidential election with money and think they are still worthy of leading.

Very well done. Heartwarming, in fact. You don’t see that very often in a political blog post!

I’d like to thank another politician for their role in this.

Sarah Palin.

When everyone else was screaming “Stop the primary!”, she, seemingly alone said no. Competition makes our candidates stronger.

When everyone else was screaming “Santorum is the only viable non-Romney!” she said not so fast–take a good look at Newt.

I’m really starting to admire her instincts. Her natural instincts, not the calculated ones other politicians live by.

I was reading this piece over at The Hill this morning:

Timing of Gingrich exit from GOP race has observers scratching their heads

…and wondered-

Would it not be a stroke of genius to have Palin speak at the convention?

Would Romney have the balls to do it?

The result of a sadly uninformed and easily lead electorate. If Newt lost with as little as 40million dollars in Florida in false attack ads. I’m not sure he could have survived the Obama lies, with an even more hostile media today.

A wise and vigilant people are required for democratic rule to work, I fear we’ve lost that. That 30second ads could be so influential in a race is amazing. I don’t think Romney can win and even if he does, I don’t think he has a plan to fix whats wrong. Congratulations GOP, you might just get to rule the wreckage.

That being said, Speaker Gingrich – thank you for being a statesman and a leader. Write more books, make lots of money, and continue to articulate conservatism in the battlefield of ideas.

Thank you professor for staying true to Newt and us!

Thank you Professor Jacobson for honoring the most intelligent and inspiring individual of our lifetime.

Your words were well spoken and honored the “warrior” that he is. I hope Newt will continue the good fight for conservatism.

I was really looking forward to seeing Obama weasel his way out of a debate with Newt.

Newt Palin or Palin Newt 2016!

As a clinton voter from the 90’s, I have to say I have new found respect for Speaker Gingrich.

I hope he will bring that same bulldog bluntness in helping evict and defeat Barry in Nomvember and going after the Barry adoring liberal press.

Thank you Mr. Speaker indeed. Keep up that same bluntness to get rid of all these socialist dems and defeat Barry in Nomvember.

Most everyone is being very gracious here.

I don’t have it in me. I want to put Romney into the luggage bin on the roof of my SUV and drive him to Mexico.

Oh…. all right. Thanks.

You, perfesser, hath persuaded me as Newt never could.

1. Yes, thank you, Newt. I don’t regret my support.

2. Politics being what it is, I wonder if negotiations preceded Gingrich’s endorsement of Romney, and whether Gingrich’s campaign debts were a topic.

    Scorpio51 in reply to gs. | April 26, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    “2. Politics being what it is, I wonder if negotiations preceded Gingrich’s endorsement of Romney, and whether Gingrich’s campaign debts were a topic.”

    Personally, my feeling is that Mitt should bail Newt out since he was responsible for some vile ads against him.

I sincerely hope enterprising and organized (that leaves me out) souls see fit to channel their pro-Gingrich energies into a “Recruit Newt For VP” campaign.

He would make a wonderful conservative watchdog in the WH (admittedly NOT a Romney priority) not to mention unparallelled in getting an agenda heard and defended (certainly a Romney priority).

Who knows, enough pressure brought to bear may make Mittens give it a thought.

    strawberrygirl in reply to ecosse. | April 26, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    He certainly knows how to move a conservative agenda through Congress. While it saddens me that newt may never be president, I hope he will be seen as the ben Franklin of our times. And I expect him to lead the charge when Romney swings to the left. I don’t see the tea party falling asleep any time soon.

Very nice summary and kind words that match my sentiments.
Thanks for being classy in this political season.

Thank you Mr. Speaker. I would have liked to have seen your name heading the ticket, but I guess it was not meant to be. I hope you continue to fight. Your voice is needed to challenge the status quo. The RNC and establishment Republicans could learn a lot from the comments on these threads if they cared to read them. I just hope Romney steps up to the plate.

Thank you Mr. Speaker.

Thank you Prof. Jacobson.

As an aside, I got a great Newt 2012 hoody…that always gets second looks whenever I wear it.

delicountessa | April 26, 2012 at 4:55 pm

While I know that Newt is a Party guy, I wish he had endorsed Ron Paul. Otherwise all the talk about “NotRomney” seems a bit phony to me.
Well, Paul is getting three more votes in the primary here since Newt has gone out.
I’m NOT voting for Romney. Maybe not even in the general.

I appreciate the wonderful Newt fans from this site, and especially as the Professor withdrew, that we were allowed to continue to post in the Tip Line.

Thank you for providing this forum, Professor.

I remain committed to the solutions Newt has proposed. I remain committed to our Constitutional Republic, with the constitutionally-based rule of law and opportunity and fairness for the little guy —

— the ordinary-extraordinary free citizen of a free country — those of us who are not politically connected; who work hard, innovate, are creative and build the most wonderful life we can, in FREEDOM, for the ones we love. This is worth saving and restoring.

I appreciate so much all those who shared that vision of what America is, what American Exceptionalism means, what is means to continue the Reagan traditions. THANK YOU to everyone. I remain “always faithful.”

Jusuchin (Military Otaku) | April 26, 2012 at 8:09 pm

Our guys didn’t win the nomination Prof. But our guys will damn sure work to get Romney into the White House. While I’m no fan of Romney, he isn’t the lesser of two evils, but the alternative to evil.

I know some hard-core right-wing people will hate it, but if they can’t keep their head in the game to defeat Obama, they’re helping him.

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