For blogs, my “Blogs I Read” list in the sidebar and many of the Blogs to Note are my go to places.  But, I’m constantly on the prowl for better places to get “news” – whatever that means.

As you know, I dropped Politico as a regular visit long ago, although sometimes it’s impossible not to go there, in favor of The Hill.  I also rarely go to Drudge anymore, usually only when I hit the link in the browser by mistake (old habits are hard to break).

I’m liking Roll Call, and a couple of new places (for me):

  • Mediaite.  They seem to be on top of stories very quickly, and I like the video embeds which are very stable here.  (Some embeds from websites like The Daily Caller disappear when I make updates to a post, which makes it a pain.)  Also, Noah Rothman, formerly of politics-ology, joined last week, and I look forward to his posts.
  • The Washington Free Beacon also is a great new resource, a project of The Center for American Freedom.  Matthew Continetti, formerly of The Weekly Standard and National Review, is the editor in chief.
  • The Times of Israel is living up to expectations, and the website is a lot more user friendly than The Jerusalem Post, which infuriates me with pop ups, pop downs, and every other type of pop imaginable.
  • BuzzFeed Politics has been a disappointment, because of editorial graphics as below.  It will be interesting to see how they tilt as we approach the general election.

Any other suggestions?