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Occupy Unmasked

Occupy Unmasked

Appropos of Anne’s post earlier today about the Occupy movement, Citizens United is planning a roll out of Occupy Unmasked.

It’s the culmination of what Andrew Breitbart always said about the Occupy movement, that it was part and parcel of the Democrats’ political plans.

Video h/t Common Cents:


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Up-twinkles to Citizens United…!!!

This why Democrats hate Citizen United so much.
If the leftie media thinks they can sanitize or hide this from the public they are very mistaken.

We watch everything now.
They won’t bamboozle us twice.

Like ACORN, OWS is both seed and nuts of the demoncrat party.

It’d be a lot more civilized if they’d Occupy Toilets more frequently.

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(Gasp!) Noooo!!! Put the mask back on! Please, put the mask back on!!

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Donald Douglas | April 24, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Actually, “Occupy” emerged initially as a far-left anarcho-socialist movement in the U.S. and Europe. It was violent and activists literally occupied physical spaces, private property they were expropriating from the hated capitalists. Occupy Wall Street only piggybacked on the rhetoric, and U.S. progressives expropriated the movement for its own purposes. And now it’s a Democrat allied movement. I hate Occupy as it originally stood, which was in anarcho-radicalism. Think of the Berkeley Wheeler Hall occupation a couple of years ago. But I especially hate the Democrats’ stupid opportunism, especially on the “99 percent” bullsh*t.” These people are bleedin’ asshats and deserve nothing but ridicule and contempt.