This is getting ridiculous.

The police report prepared the night of the Trayvon Martin shooting, long before it was expected that this case would get national attention, recited that the police observed Zimmerman with a bloody nose and rear head bleeding, and that Zimmerman was treated by paramedics.

I guess it’s possible police made this up, but that seems implausible given that it was a contemporaneous record before the police even knew if Zimmerman would be charged, much less that the case would become a political hot potato.

ABC News somehow obtained surveillance video from the police station to which Zimmerman was brought the night of the shooting, and proclaimed (along with other media outlets) that it was inconsistent with Zimmerman having been bloodied because there was no blood on him.

The Daily Caller did an enhanced video analysis and concluded the obvious, that the tape was not sufficiently clear to draw any conclusions, although there was some evidence of a rear head injury both from the video and the fact that a policeman examined the back of Zimmerman’s head.

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The reality is that the tape shows very little helping or hurting either side.

The police report says that Zimmerman was treated at the scene, so one would not expect him to still be bloody by the time he reached the police station (somewhere between 30-60 minutes later).  The video is from too far away and from an upper angle, and too grainy, for visual evidence to be conclusive of Zimmerman’s condition earlier in the night.

Next, CNN had an interview with an unidentified witness.  Listen to the interview, there is almost no detail in it.

The witness saw two men on the ground, it was dark and rainy so he couldn’t see much detail.  The big breaking news apparently was that he didn’t see blood on Zimmerman, but he admits he was some distance away, his view wasn’t clear, and he only saw Zimmerman from the side.  In other words, not much there there, but it is being blown up as some sort of important evidence.

Unless and until there is clear evidence to the contrary, such as paramedic records, I’ll trust the NOT BREAKING NEWS, the initial police report filled out that night which reported Zimmerman bloodied.


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