The Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate in Egypt may not be the most anti-Israel of the candidates running:

Last weekend’s announcement by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood that it will field a presidential candidate, Khairat Shater, has drastically impacted the run-up to May’s elections. But his position on Israel is not significantly different than that of other candidates; indeed, some are more overtly hostile than he is.

The Muslim Bortherhood candidate is not doing well in the polls, which should be good news, but an even more anti-Israel politician, like Amr Moussa, may win:

Moussa, the first independent candidate to announce his presidential aspirations, is labeling himself as tough on Israel. In an interview with Al-Ahram on March 26, Moussa reminded readers of his fiery speech as foreign minister at the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991, in which he “politically brought Egypt back to the Arab battlefield in its confrontation with Israel.”

When the Muslim Brotherhood candidate is not the bad news, you know things have gone wrong.