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Retire Richard Lugar, Elect Richard Mourdock

Retire Richard Lugar, Elect Richard Mourdock

There is a prime opportunity in the Indiana Republican primary to elect a solid conservative, Richard Mourdock, and to retire Obama’s favorite Republican, Richard Lugar, who has an abysmal voting record.

I will be supporting Mourdock, and I hope you will help with this important race.

I first wrote about Mourdock back in November.  Since that time I have had a chance to do further research, which has confirmed both that Luger must go, and that Mourdock is the right person to replace Lugar.

I had a long conversation with Mourdock a couple of weeks ago, and he was kind enough to shoot this video for Legal Insurrection readers:

Mourdock has received the endorsements of a wide variety of conservative and Tea Party groups and individuals, including the Indiana Tea PartyFreedomWorks, Club for Growth, Mark Levin, and many others.

In spotlighting Mourdock as one of three Tea Party hot shots for the Senate, Michelle Malkin pointed out:

Richard Mourdock, Indiana’s former state treasurer, offers a fresh  alternative with widespread support from both grass-roots activists and local  and state GOP officials. While others hedged their bets, Mourdock took the  federal auto bailout head on, lodging a court complaint against the Chrysler  bailout to expose its illegal abuse of shareholders and punitive impact on  Indiana citizens. He was elected to the treasurer’s office in 2006, a tough year  for Republicans, and was re-elected handily in 2010. Before politics, he worked  in the private sector for 30 years managing businesses in the energy,  environmental and construction industries. He’s never had a Beltway zip  code.

Perhaps the best endorsement comes from Think Progress, which is worried about Mourdock:

If [Dick] Armey and his allies succeed in electing these and other far-right conservatives to Congress, the legislative wall would continue to block progress.

Not surprisingly, Lugar is using scare tactics, claiming the seat will be lost to Democrats if Lugar is not the nominee.  That’s nonsense.

Indiana is a solid Republican state, and it was a historical fluke that it voted for Obama in 2008.  The likely Democratic nominee, Congressman Joe Donnelly, is a weak candidate who only is running for Senate because he was redistricted.  In my conversation with Mourdock, Mourdock pointed out that in the last election, when Mourdock was running for State Treasurer, Mourdock received more votes in Donnelly’s district than Donnelly received.

Lugar has more money, a result of his senior Senate position, and has launched a petty negative TV campaign trying to paint Mourdock as unserious, a typical attack when the establishment wants to marginalize Tea Party supported candidates:

If Lugar survives, his campaign will become the playbook for incumbents anxious to avoid the folly of fallen colleagues who never saw the tea party train  coming. The rough sketch: Lock up all the money in the state early, shift to the  right, wage a modern campaign and hit your opponent before he can define  himself.

Mourdock has responded:

Mourdock’s strength is that he has boots on the ground to help to fight against Lugar’s bankroll:

A collection of groups affiliated with the conservative Tea Party movement have banded behind state treasurer Richard Mourdock in the first Republican primary challenge Lugar has ever faced. Democrats, sensing vulnerability, also are taking him on in his first general election challenge since 2000.

The Lugar race is seen nationally as an important test of the viability of the Tea Party, which some believe has lost momentum since a populist surge in 2010.

With $4 million in the bank, Lugar holds a 10-to-1 fundraising advantage over his Republican challenger. But the Tea Party groups hope to overcome the financial disadvantage by using 5,000 volunteers to muster a massive get-out-the-vote campaign.

But let’s not kid ourselves, we know what can happen when the heavily funded establishment candidate floods the airwaves with negative ads against an insurgent.  We cannot let this happen, and lose the chance to elect a conservative to replace Barack Obama’s favorite Senator.

I urge you to contribute to Mourdock’s campaign.

Let’s not lose this opportunity to chalk up a win for Operation Counterweight.


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You had me at “Retire Richard Lugar” I’ll happily cut Mourdock a check – but please tell him he needs to do something about those eyebrows:)

For a long time I’ve thought that this “Lugar” was of small caliber and immense bore. As an ersatz Conservative he’s been firing blanks for years.

Let’s make his “shipment” out of DC one that is Fast and Furious.

Politico reports that internal polls show Lugar ahead by 20-25 points and Lugar told the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette that his irritating, possibly illegal, state-wide telephone poll shows him up 2 to 1. All state straw polls that I read show Mourdock is favored. I also think that all but a few TEA Party organizations are in Mourdock’s corner.

    William A. Jacobson in reply to gad-fly. | February 28, 2012 at 10:40 am

    Those internal polls per the story were Lugar polls, so I would not read too much into it. Also, in insurgency campaigns, it’s usually a rush at the end, once the voters wake up and momentum gains. Pat Toomey closed a huge gap in the final two weeks (until G.W. Bush and Rick Santorum came to Specter’s rescue). If Lugar is leaking “internal polls” to Politico, he’s scared.

      Lugar is leaking to Politico? Just goes to show how far to the port he’s drifted. He used to be fairly solid on foreign affairs, but recent years have shown he’s more interested in accommodating whoever’s in the White House while he keeps enjoying Establishment perks.

      Like they say in Indiana, “It’s time.”

Oh, someone is running against Dick Lugar? Great I’ll support him/her/it, no problem. Oh! AND Lugar’s opponent is a Conservative? That’s an unexpected fringe benefit.

I won’t say Lugar is as bad as Arlen Specter was – mainly because he may be worse. Yes, let’s get rid of him.

Donation done.

Thanks for taking a stand in the Indiana Senate race. It’s interesting to note that the total accumulated debt of the United States when Dick Lugar first took office was less than $700 billion. Now, it’s about $15.4 trillion. America has added about $14.7 trillion in debt on Dick Lugar’s watch.

I’ve been following Richard Mourdock and that Indiana Senate race on my blog:

I think that Dick Lugar’s ties to the stimulus-funded and now bankrupt green energy company Ener1/EnerDel needs more scrutiny:

    The Enerdel fiasco also involves another famous Indiana politician, our not-so-conservative-as-advertised governor, Mitch Daniels. Daniels has stuck his nose and other body parts into almost all green energy projects in the state including an ultra-expensive coal-to-syngas facility, co2 pipelines, and the new state tree – 350 ft tall monstrosities with wind turbines attached – are popping up everywhere. Our electric rates are guaranteed to rise substantially since state law now requires a minimum of 15% wind power.

    Not forgiving Senator Lugar, just sayin’ . . .

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | February 28, 2012 at 10:22 am

You forgot to mention that Lugar has lived in D.C. for so long that he no longer even has a home in Indiana! And he hasn’t had one for several years. He claims he’s a hoosier because he is part owner of a farm there so he pays part of the property tax bill each year.

I have a 92 year old aunt who owns and pays taxes on a farm in Missouri. However, she has lived in Texas since before I was even born almost 50 years ago. Is she a Missourian or a Texan? The answer is obvious.

It takes the gall of an entrenched member of the Ruling Class such as Lugar to make the absurd claim that he’s a hoosier because he pays part of the property taxes on a farm he partially owns there and he expects Indiana voters to swallow it whole and accept it.

I have a mutual fund that owns a few stocks of Chinese companies. I’ve never been to China, but I guess I’m Chinese.

I’m on board. Go get him!

Making that video for LI shows he’s smart.

Donation coming … because Operation Counterweight is looking more important all the time … and … I love geology.

And Dick Lugar is just one more reason not to fawn over Mitch
Daniels, his former lieutenant and current endorser. Elitist fraud.

Why is Mr Mourdock hedging his bets now? It’s true that Sen Lugar has an abysmal voting record, but that doesn’t tell voters what they need to know. Our current Senator is a staunch supporter of the United Nations much like Pres Obama. Lugar led the bandwagon for ratification of treaties that rob Americans of our national sovereignty, military security and would trample our economic interests. “It’s time for Lugar to go” won’t do. Too many Republican voters will answer by saying,”no it’s not.”

good job getting out the word on Murdoch. I live in Indiana and will do all I can to help him.

Lugar was born in 1932. Elected to the Senate in 1976, I believe.

Yes, get him out.

Gosh it must be nice to have a cushy personal fiefdom like that.

Tom Wannamaker | February 28, 2012 at 4:53 pm

I posted on Google+ to spread the word. One commenter (Rodney Graves) replied back immediately …

sic semper rino

… Wouldn’t ya like to see that on a bumper sticker?

Evidently, Lugar no longer lives in Indiana:
It’s probably legal. My representative Pete Stark (D) doesn’t live in my district either.

I’m ashamed to say I voted for Lugar back in the early 80s when I was newly-minted conservative. Thirty years ago he wasn’t as squishy because there were actual conservatives in the GOP who kept guys like him from running off the rails. After Reagan’s presidency, Lugar went wandering in liberal la-la land.

Lugar has been away from IN for so long the only constituents he listens to from his VA home are the editorial board of the New York Times and Washington Post.

Fun fact: Lugar’s campaign manager is David Wilkie, descendant of the Democratic primary challenger to FDR.