What possibly could go wrong?

Remy Stern, who left Gawker late last year after Nick Denton installed A.J. Daulerio as editor-in-chief, has a new gig: He’s joining the New York Post as a digital consultant.

“Remy will help shape the Post‘s overall digital strategy going forward and work on the site day-to-day,” a Post spokeswoman told Capital. “He will work in the Post newsroom on a daily basis.”

Readers will recall that Stern was responsible for the putrid Gawker story on Christine O’Donnell’s “one-night stand” which included a description of O’Donnell’s pubic hair.

Stern defended the story, which was part of a larger left-wing media sexualized assault on O’Donnell, with a prominent feminist blog jumping on the bandwagon.

Stern also gained notariety for a nasty tweet he sent out regarding Meg Whitman’s son.

Like I said, what possibly could go wrong?